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Cuckoo CF + Section TV interview – Seunggi so cute! [Gifs]

Gifs~~♥ omg, the rice cooker is actually blowing heart-shaped steam?!  lol.

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[ENG] MBC Section TV 09.08.13 – Lee Seunggi, a Man We Want to Marry

* Updated video cuts *

Lee Seunggi, a Man We Want to Marry
Video: MBCentertainment, English translation: LSGfan

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[ENG] Section TV 13.04.07 – Seunggi & Lee Yubi cheek kiss NGs + Gu Family Book press con interview

(video: Lee Seung Gi Korea – World Airen)

Seunggi – Suzy were SO~~~ Homecoming/Prom King and Queen!  Loved it!

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[2013.01.25 Section TV-ENG] Lee Seunggi talks pre-school fans, handwritten letters, netizens, upcoming Gu Family Book

* UPDATED with ENG-sub video *

[2013.01.25] MBC Section TV.  English translation recap.  On the set of his newest Pizza Hut CF filming, Seunggi talks appealing to pre-schoolers!  And gets asked about his reign on Billboard K-pop charts, netizen comments, Seung-le-lu-jah nickname, his handwritten letter to a fan, and upcoming drama Gu Family Book… learning martial arts, becoming half-human/half-beast, first impressions of Suzy…

Dailymotion ENG-subbed video

(video: rapport2010)

Youtube non-Eng video

(video: MBCentertainment)

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Lee Seung Gi’s ideal type has changed to Ha Ji Won [Section TV recap, 2012.05.20]

LSG: My ideal type has changed. Ha Jiwon sunbaenim is very much my ideal type. Filming together, I found her have a lot of charms.
R: How about Jung Yoo Mi style?
LSG: The best! (LOL)
R: But how about Ha Jiwon?
LSG: [hesitating…] Both are the best! I think both of them are the best! (LOL)
JYM: My mom really likes Seunggi. She asked me to get his signature, but I told her I’d be too embarrassed (non-TV-appropriate term bleeped!)
R: This is Jung Yoomi’s doppelganger (with the same name)…

English: LSGfan, Videos: Leeseunggiworld

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