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Cuckoo CF + Section TV interview – Seunggi so cute! [Gifs]

Gifs~~♥ omg, the rice cooker is actually blowing heart-shaped steam?!  lol.

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[ENG] MBC Section TV 09.08.13 – Lee Seunggi, a Man We Want to Marry

* Updated video cuts *

Lee Seunggi, a Man We Want to Marry
Video: MBCentertainment, English translation: LSGfan

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[ENG] Section TV 13.04.07 – Seunggi & Lee Yubi cheek kiss NGs + Gu Family Book press con interview

(video: Lee Seung Gi Korea – World Airen)

Seunggi – Suzy were SO~~~ Homecoming/Prom King and Queen!  Loved it!

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[2013.01.25 Section TV-ENG] Lee Seunggi talks pre-school fans, handwritten letters, netizens, upcoming Gu Family Book

* UPDATED with ENG-sub video *

[2013.01.25] MBC Section TV.  English translation recap.  On the set of his newest Pizza Hut CF filming, Seunggi talks appealing to pre-schoolers!  And gets asked about his reign on Billboard K-pop charts, netizen comments, Seung-le-lu-jah nickname, his handwritten letter to a fan, and upcoming drama Gu Family Book… learning martial arts, becoming half-human/half-beast, first impressions of Suzy…

Dailymotion ENG-subbed video

(video: rapport2010)

Youtube non-Eng video

(video: MBCentertainment)

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Lee Seung Gi’s ideal type has changed to Ha Ji Won [Section TV recap, 2012.05.20]

LSG: My ideal type has changed. Ha Jiwon sunbaenim is very much my ideal type. Filming together, I found her have a lot of charms.
R: How about Jung Yoo Mi style?
LSG: The best! (LOL)
R: But how about Ha Jiwon?
LSG: [hesitating…] Both are the best! I think both of them are the best! (LOL)
JYM: My mom really likes Seunggi. She asked me to get his signature, but I told her I’d be too embarrassed (non-TV-appropriate term bleeped!)
R: This is Jung Yoomi’s doppelganger (with the same name)…

English: LSGfan, Videos: Leeseunggiworld

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Lee Seung Gi picks Ha Ji Won as ideal type among co-stars, talks drama kiss, pizza CF [Section TV recap, 2012.04.15]

(video: leeseunggiworld)

[April 15, 2012.  Section TV. LSG cut]  On the set of new Pizza Hut CF filming.  Yay, new version CF soon!  But WHY the roomier-than-necessary cardigan??!!  Calling TK2H tailor to outfit Seunggi in real life!  But I like the CF concept.  After knowing only Lee Jaeha the past month, it’s a relief to see the REAL warmhearted Lee Seunggi…

Bad guy Lee Seunggi, in the role of Lee Jaeha in the The King 2 Hearts, has returned as warm-hearted guy Lee Seunggi. Our date with lovely smile guy Lee Seunggi starts now…

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The King 2Hearts – Press conference videos, part 2 [ENG]

Follow-up to Part 1 press con cuts and MBC Section TV cut.  More news coverage of The King 2Hearts.  Set to LSG’s noona song, “Because You’re My Woman!”  Jiwon on “global star” and “oppa” ish Seunggi.  LSG on feeling “incredibly fortunate.”  What’s Seunggi’s IQ?  (Jaeha is self-proclaimed 187 IQ!).  Includes Come To Play cuts where we found out only 3 girls have his number.  (Big Thanks again to our Beedance07)!

Video #1 [ENG]

Video #2 [ENG]

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