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2011 SBS Entertainment Awards recap-Strong Heart Seunggi

Happy New Year!  Happy 2012!  Congrats to Seunggi for another amazing successful year!  How does he do it?!  I seriously admire him even more now!  I was sad he didn’t get to a new drama like he planned to, and that we didn’t get to see him at any of the drama awards, but I’m more glad that the things he DID focus on (MCing and Singing) turned out DAEBAK!  And that the year ended on a super high and happy note with the celebratory 2011 SBS Entertainment AwardsStrong Heart (and Running Man) ruled the night!  Seunggi won the Top Netizen Popularity Award for the 3rd consecutive year, and won the Best Excellence Award and was a Daesang Award nominee for the 2nd straight year!  Boom, Teuk, Juri, Shindong, and the program itself won awards!

Okay last 2011 Recap~~!  It’s sorta long!  SBS Entertainment Awards.  A fan compiled 2 videos of ALL Seunggi moments from this awards show (video montages, name mentions, speeches, presenting awards, just laughing and enjoying)!  It’s awesome.  He looked stunning too!  I’ve translated or summarized both parts.  Thank you to tiam062 for compiling the video cuts! YT has since deleted the videos :(

Part 1 [LSG cut]

Part 2 [LSG cut]

(Videos: tiam062)

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Actor-Singer-MC Seunggi’s 2010 Awards wrap-up

There’s a reason Uhm-chin-ah, Nation’s brother, Multi-entertainer, Actor, MC, Singer Seunggi is one of Korea’s most beloved!  Ok, anyone not impressed by Seunggi’s 2010 awards needs a serious head check!  And because of his hardworking, sincere, humble attitude, Seunggi having practically no antis is legendary in K-entertainment!  And we’re talking some major award events, and some major awards that actually award talent!  Of course, in addition to the fan fave popularity ones…


Two-win MC Seunggi: Best Excellence + Netizens Popularity [2010 SBS Entertainment Awards]

*** UPDATED with 2 English-subbed videos and images ***

MC SeungGi is up to his usual tricks of racking up awards again!  On Christmas day,  Seunggi won the Best Excellence Award (2nd highest next to the Daesang) at the 2010 KBS Entertainment Awards for his role on 1 Night 2 Days.  And on December 30th, Seunggi received ANOTHER Best Excellence Award, for Strong Heart at the 2010 SBS Entertainment Awards!  He also won the Netizens’ Popularity Award for the second straight year!  Congrats to beloved award-winning MC~ Lee Seung Gi!

(Video subs: Rapport2010; English translation: LSGfan)

Best Excellence Award, following Netizens’ Popularity Award win [ENG]


Kim Ah Joong shows interest in “Beastly SeungGi,” SH cuts

*** UPDATED with 4 English-subbed video cuts ***

*** See screencaps/gifs from this awesome ep at ~ Jeannie’s blog post ***

LSG cuts from Dec 28, 2010 Strong Heart episode
(English translation: LSGfan; videos: Rapport2010; Tryp96)

VIDEO~ Kim Ah Joong sees a sexy, deviant side to upstanding Seunggi
Omg, Seunggi was so shy and embarrassed when Ahjoong said she could see a sexy sort of deviant guy charm side to him!  Per usual, Seunggi reacted with great variety sense and played the part!  And he continues to be super humble about his body. Ha. I think he was totally taken aback when Ahjoong asked about his body! And, just LOVE how Seunggi is styled from his hair down to his shoes! Cody, thank you!


Strong Heart’s red carpet bromance MCs HoDong-SeungGi [2010 SBS Entertainment Awards]

Older-younger brother/sister ties are such an important part of Korean relations, so much so that celebs even address people as hyung, oppa, unni, noona even within K-entertainment.  And these photos perfectly depict why people love the HoDong-SeungGi MC combo!  HoDong unequivocally and proudly loves his dongseng, and SeungGi reveres and admires his HoDong hyung!  Best. Variety MC. Bromance. Ever.