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Zipel 2012 Seunggi’s Asak show: A classy-stylish fan meeting

[November 12, 2012] Seunggi’s Asak Show! sponsored by Samsung Zipel Asak M9000.  Samsung D’light Center, Seoul, Korea. This was the 4th straight year this fan event has been held for Seunggi.  Lee Sugeun, who hosted the 2009 fan meeting, MC’d the event.  Guest musical performances and talk included Nation’s beloved veteran singer Shin Seung Hoon (44) and popular indie band 10cm, made up of duo Kwong Jung Yul (29) and Yoon CHul Jong (30).  Seunggi also did some cooking(!), the 3-set metal dance with fans, gave out major hugs(!) and closed by singing.

Make sure to click for recaps at Samsung Sinbustory and Samsung Tomorrow.

On to more important things~~~~  Omg, I was grinning like a fool clicking on the all the real-time press photos.  Thank you photogs for taking such lovely photos!

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Psy posts Zipel ad with Seunggi on me2day, gets choked up

I got choked up when by chance, I happened to see this…ㅠㅠ
It’s really hard when you leave home ㅋㅋㅋ

Psy’s me2day. English: LSGfan

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Suited up in Gucci, Seunggi so chic and cute for Zipel CF

Such daebak gifs!  The power of a nice, tailored suit!  Gucci always fits so perfectly and look great.  Seunggi looks so fabulous.  Huhuhu.  GIFs spam from the awesome Seunggi-Psy featurette.  Hope there’s lots more of this to come…

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Seunggi & Psy stylish-cool and funny for Zipel Asak CFs

The featurettes and teasers are so much better than the CFs!?!  Being all super serious and cool in their chic designer suits~~ over kimchi~~ is so LOL.  Hilarious Psy and smooth Seunggi~~ Love  this video!  @0:47 Met-al!!!  Hahahaha.

The 3-step metal dance special video~~~ Hehehehe~~~

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Seunggi & Psy for ‘Gangnam Style’ Zipel Asak CF teaser

(video: DrMariee)

Yay, it’s about time for their reunion!  Been anticipating this ever since Psy’s ‘Because you’re my Woman’ rendition at his recent concert.  Samsung Zipel Asak kmichi fridge loves the bromance concepts!  It’ll be like an ongoing series… First, Seunggi & Yoon Eun Hye (noona, not hyung!) back in 2009.  Then Seunggi & Cha Seung Won in 2011.  Now, this year with Psy, who’s about to make a huge big-time appearance on MTV’s VMA’s tonight!  Omg, can’t wait to see Psy on the VMAs tonight!!!  All the best to him, who’s lighting it up in the USA and all over the world… and all with his own unique style, and not some same-old manufactured concept!

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