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Psy’s video message at Samsung Zipel Seunggi’s Asak Show

* Updated video *

Really want to see these two together soon~~ The Zipel Seunggi’s Asak Show was less fan meeting and more aimed at Samsung Zipel patrons. (some of the tickets were reserved for Airens). But since almost everyone of all ages in likes Seunggi, it’s pretty much like a fan meeting at most events anyway. Aw like Psy said, we all want to see a live duet from the 2 guys soon~~~ Psy’s message is sweet and funny…

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More Seunggi candids and laughs [2012 Zipel Asak show]

All these laughs, smiles, candids~~~  a great mood picker-upper!

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Singer Shin Seung Hoon praises Lee Seunggi [2012 Zipel Asak show]

Beloved veteran ballad singer Shin Seung Hoon (44), and indie band 10cm, made up of duo Kwong Jung Yul (29) and Yoon Chul Jong (30) were invited to guest perform at Seunggi’s Zipel fan event.  It could’ve been awkward, especially since they’re all older, but Shin Seung Hoon sunbaenim had already spoken highly about Seunggi prior to this, so it was all one big love fest!  And who can’t love Seunggi when he’s giving mad respect to others (even at his own fan event)~~!!

Shin Seung Hoon talks Seunggi compared to other juniors…

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Seunggi’s fan-service hugs, dance [2012 Zipel Asak show]

So much love and familiarity from people of all ages for Seunggi, particularly in Korea.  From little kids and teens, noonas, up through grandparents.   Female and male, families, husband-wives, boyfriend-girlfriends.  And 3 specials fans got~~~

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Seunggi reunites with Lee Sugeun [2012 Zipel Asak show]

Can’t get enough of Seunggi’s huge smile and laughs.  Aw, Sugeun… he simply just wants to be loved.  Great to see Seunggi reunited with his hyung (who by the way was looking extremely sharp in his suit!).  Their 1N2D days will forever be… Legendary!!  Cool of Sugeun to MC this Seunggi fan event… they were like dual-MCing~~!!

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