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[Pics] ♡ Seunggi Brings Out the Leather Pants to Guest Perform at Psy’s Concert

Seunggi in his I-only-bring-out-leatherpants-once-a-year for concert performances ♡ Seunggi singing a sweet ballad song in leather pants 💕 our guy so manly now. Well he is kinda old now~^^ 29 in 2016 (30 in Korean age). Bigger versions of some these awesome pics at DCLSG~ ahhhhh can’t help gawking!!^^ sorry… not sorry.

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12.26.2015 Full Guest Performance Cuts – Lee Seunggi at Psy’s Concert

(video: 승기사랑선희사랑) Like how this fancam, in the beginning, captures the audience and stage before the music starts playing and Seunggi walks out~♡

12.26.2015 Full Performance, Lee Seunggi at Psy’s Concert-
Because Youre My Woman, Talk, Lets Go On Vacation, Talk, Slave.

Seunggi is both uber sweetheart, yet very much a man! I knew him as an actor first, so that part of him has always been my bias… but when he sings ballads so yearningly and upbeat songs powerfully live… I’m like ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡!!!

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[ENG] 12.26.2015 Lee Seunggi Guest Performance/Talk at Psy’s Concert, For 3rd Consecutive Year^^

Song 1 – Because You’re My Woman

♡ These close-up fancam videos via lsg 빛나다. Read English translation…

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[ENG] 2014.12.24 Lee Seunggi Guests at Psy’s Concert, Mentions Upcoming Movie ‘Love Forecast’

(video: 자극적승기) – Because You’re My Woman

December 24, 2014 – Midnight, Guesting at Psy’s Concert.  The individual cuts are better on the ears, but love the fancam below – Seunggi’s full continuous performance and ment.  whoa love this close-up version and viewpoint from the standing-only section~~~~~ Because You’re My Woman, @3:15 Ment (Talk), @6:15 Smile Boy, @9:55 Let’s Go On Vacation.  English translation…

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[StarNews 10th Anniversary Intervew] Lee Seunggi 10th Year Since Debut – Main Points ①

September 8, 2014. StarNews is celebrating its 10th Anniversary and they interviewed Seunggi, also celebrating his 10th anniversary year since debuting in 2004.  Hope Navercast does an English-translated version of the 3-set interview since they’ve done it before.  As expected, Seunggi is sincere, humorous, reflective in the interview.  Kudos to StarNews for focusing on ‘Actor-Singer Lee Seunggi’ and his career from 2004 up until now… and well, his CFs and all his #1 public survey rankings over the years ㅋㅋㅋ #Respect

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Lee Seung Gi gets LOTS of love at Psy’s concert [Photos]

Photos.  Dec. 22, 2013.  Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium, Seoul.  Psy’s concert series.  Seunggi as surprise special guest.  Love the continuous K-blog posts about Psy’s concert this day… because how others react, (not those who are hardcore fans!), says SO much!  Like the video clips, the blog posts have been so “kyaaa~” at Seunggi surprise appearance singing <Return>, saying the response was SO loud!  And this is for someone singing a ballad song!  Seriously, the least positive one (if you can even call it that) said~ “When Lee Seunggi appeared, the crowd went crazy. I don’t know why everyone’s crazy over him.”  LOL.  These pics are awesome~!!

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[ENG] Lee Seung Gi – Performance and Talk at Psy’s concert

Return + Talk time

Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium, Seoul.  Psy’s concert series.  Special Guest for Dec. 22, 2013 concert~~ Seunggi surprised audience goers (especially the females!) and got lots of love, first appearing on stage singing recent hit song <Return>…

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