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Euro 2012 soccer and travels with Lee Seung Gi in Poland

I feel like I’m scrapbooking LSG’s stop-over trip in Poland!  Getting paid to travel and write for Lonely Planet would be a dream job… so, thank you Seunggi, for helping me hone my writing through LSGfan!  So, after being surprised by fans at Warsaw airport, looks like LSG packed in lotsa stuff during his short stay.  Love all the fan photos shared online!  Hope Manager Friend took lotsa photos too and plans to share!

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Fans greet Lee Seung Gi from Korea to Poland [2012.06.20]

My undying love for fancams!  Especially set to music or videos with lotsa screaming from excited fans!  And the international Airens in Poland who greeted Seunggi at the Warsaw Airport are seriously awesome!  He seemed  so touched! Aw~~!!

FANCAM – Arrival at Warsaw Airport. Set to Wonder Girls’ Like this!  Omg, loves it!

(video: KlaudynaXD)

FANCAM – More of sweet Seunggi and awesome fans!  International Airens rock!

(video: EiriKaori)

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