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PIzza Hut ‘Double Box’ CF – Seunggi and his cute little twin

* UPDATE: ENG-subbed video~~ CF is just TOO cute~!! Thx Vakaala!

(video: ENGrapport)

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Pizza Hut CF preview – Seunggi and child actor are too cute

Aww~~  Can’t wait to see this CF.  SO cute. Seunggi hyung is the best~!
Child actor Choi Roh Eun’s bowl cut, but so glad Seunggi didn’t the same.
I really want to hug both of them~~~ especially our main guy.

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[ENG] Pizza Hut special delivery event with Lee Seunggi

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Seunggi for over-the-top crown pocket Pizza Hut CF

For tasty things, you put your whole heart into it… all you need are pockets.
Pizza now has pockets too… Crown Pocket.
Sweet potato mousse and cream cheese a plenty.

English: LSGfan; Video: geumju park

Dear Pizza Hut~~~ please no more of these over-the-top CF concepts!  Where did this Seunggi babe from the last Pizza Hut CF right before Gu Family Book go??!!!  I still can’t believe Seunggi cut off his long beautiful locks following the drama!!! huhuhu.

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Seunggi shows gratitude for Gu Family Book, prepares Pizza Hut meal, enjoys with Yoo Yeonsuk, Lee Yubi, Gang leader

* Updated with Pizza Hut facebook message and photos. Aw~ “Seunggi-nim~~” *

Lee Seunggi’s 150 person big pizza present.
“Pizza in hanboks? Feels like a time-slip”

English: LSGfan via Newsen/Nate

Lee Seunggi prepared a big pizza meal present for 150 people from MBC Monday-Tuesday drama “Gu Family Book,” including the staff and fellow actors.

On May 11, on  the set of “Gu Family Book,” Lee Seunggi shared his appreciation for the staff and fellow actors who had been filming continually all-night and suffering from early-season heat, by preparing cheese box pizzas from Pizza Hut, which he has been active as the exclusive endorsement model.

In particular, since the actors had a busy filming schedule, they ate the pizzas in their drama costumes, showing a time-slip feel and a very different colored scene.

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Seunggi, why so handsome and so cute?! [Pizza Hut CF]

Wahhh~~~ I miss Seunggi’s soothing voice… the way he says “Wae~~”
So incredibly handsome and sweet in the CF!  Slimmed down and hair looks great!
I absolutely love Kangchi, but I miss seeing our real Seunggi~~~ huhuhu.
Aw, same cute girl(?) who was eyeing Seunggi oppa from previous Pizza Hut CF!

Pizza Hut CF [2013.05.01]
LSG: Why… the edges… Why do we scorn them?
Now, we can enjoy them through the end!
Crunchy potato~~~ and cheddar cheese!
Crunchy cheese pizza~~ Wow!
(hehe. Give us more Seunggi please!)

English: LSGfan, Video: MrMireu

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Seunggi’s magic show makes kids glee! [Pizza Hut CF]

[Lee Seunggi’s Magic Show]
LSG: An amazing magic show in 3 seconds~ but after we eat!
(hehe~ kids crying because there’s no more pizza left)
LSG: Shhh~ Anticipate this~~ Bam~~!
(hehe~ kids scream with glee!)
LSG: Double Box. Pizza Hut 2 types $25.
(hehe~ giggling girl hitting LSG’s hand at the end! too cute!)

English: LSGfan, video: jaew38

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