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Seunggi “all at once” for Perioe Total 7 toothpaste CF

Worrying about tartar, then gums are a concern...
Worrying about gums, then whitening is a concern… Whoa.
Clean away all your oral worries all at once.
Visible symptoms, even hidden problems.
[Perioe Total 7]. Since it’s 7, all at once.

English: LSGfan, video: seunggiairen

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Gagman Kim Joon Hyun and Lee Seung Gi’s cute-funny chemistry in Perioe CF, plus Win Win talk

Awesome year for Gag Concert’s Kim Joon Hyun (32).  He’s Korea’s most buzzed about comedian right now.  And unlike most fat gagmen who are seen as hilarious, but not attractive per se, he’s shown a more manly, charming, cute side.  He’s also from a well-to-do family (always impresses Koreans!)  His father was behind several well-known variety shows as PD for KBS.  And Kim Joon Hyun attended one of the top prestigious, pricey high schools in Korea.

I wasn’t into Seunggi’s previous Perioe CF with that gagwoman lady.  Wanted a more non-comedic CF version next, but Koreans just love the LOL funnies!  And Seunggi and Kim Joon Hyun DO have great chemistry/contrast in this Perioe CF!  Ha…

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Perioe 46cm CF: Seunggi’s tips for good breath [May 2011]

Hope the new-version Perioe CF Seunggi recently filmed, only includes him!  I didn’t like having my The King 2 Hearts world and King Lee Jaeha serious mode interrupted by this Perioe CF with the smothering gag lady’s~ Seunggi-yah! after the episodes’ closing credits.   Now, I remember why I didn’t post this CF from last year…

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Cody styles an Ajusshi Seunggi for Perioe fan signing event

I knew it was a bad sign when this was one of my fave photos among the gazillion fan photos from Seunggi’s Perioe Fan Signing event on May 11, 2011…

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Perioe CF makes us want to brush our teeth more!

Loved the adorable BTS video of the Perioe cf a while back and now the tv cf is out, and as expected, it is just too cute for words!  It feels really similar to the incredibly touching and sweet Lotto Commission cf!  Looks like Perioe took a page straight from the Lotto! Read English translation below clip…

(video: AirenVideo/Tryp96)

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