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Perioe Lee Seunggi collaboration limited edition toothpastes for GS Shop ‘#1 is Buying’ event

* Updated video

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Perioe re-releases Lee Seunggi & kids CF from 3 years ago

(video: a8832987)

On September 25, 2013, Korea’s Advertising Information Center posted Seunggi’s 2010 Perioe CF under recently released CFs.  Meaning, Perioe is re-releasing this CF?  If so, wow.  One of my fave Seunggi and cute kids CF!!  It’s a really effective messaged commercial.  Here’s the ENG-subbed CF~~~~ from 3 years ago……..

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Secret to Seunggi’s dazzling smile – Perioe White Now

Hello. I am wonderful white smile Perioe model, Lee Seunggi. (LOLs. omg how did he keep a straight face saying that line!)  Happy to meet you. While using the White Now during filmings, it was really convenient. Using the teeth whitening toothpaste for brushing, for those who are busy, it’s very convenient. When you have an important schedule or event, you can use the booster. Like me, experience the effect it will have on your teeth like me with White Now teeth whitening.

Video: AirenVideo; English: LSGfan

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Seunggi is shocked too! for LG Perioe oral care

“Seunggi is shocked too… learning the fact, that your teeth dissipate each year!” Healthy teeth so important~ how can you resist THIS expression!!!  My fave Perioe print ad, thus far~~~!!!!  Omg, Seunggi’s shocked and worried expression really forces you to stock up on oral care products and make an appointment with your dentist!

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Seunggi for LG Healthcare Perioe

It’s like the 4th consecutive year of his CF contract with LG Healthcare Perioe so hope we get some new images soon.   Hope that BTS photo which surfaced recently online was really from a new Perioe ad campaign.  If so, really like it.  They’ve been recycling dated print ads for a while now… hope to see new ad concept.

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