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Lee Seung Gi talks The King, manly charm, donuts, military readiness, and 1N2D vs Strong Heart PDs

Lee Seung Gi ‘Made concrete plans for military enlistment… Not worried’

English: LSGfan via ISplus

[June 11, 2012. Reporter Yoo Ah Jung].  I thought he was the smart boy-next-door, but now he’s become a manly man.  Through MBC drama ‘The King 2 Hearts,’ top star Lee Seung Gi (25) moved womens’ hearts through his portrayal of a king who faced sleepless nights worrying about the safety of his country, and as a man ready to put his life on the line for the woman he loved.  Having gained and learned more through this drama, over any disappointments, I met him at a cafe in Chungdamgdong.

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2011 SBS Entertainment Awards recap-Strong Heart Seunggi

Happy New Year!  Happy 2012!  Congrats to Seunggi for another amazing successful year!  How does he do it?!  I seriously admire him even more now!  I was sad he didn’t get to a new drama like he planned to, and that we didn’t get to see him at any of the drama awards, but I’m more glad that the things he DID focus on (MCing and Singing) turned out DAEBAK!  And that the year ended on a super high and happy note with the celebratory 2011 SBS Entertainment AwardsStrong Heart (and Running Man) ruled the night!  Seunggi won the Top Netizen Popularity Award for the 3rd consecutive year, and won the Best Excellence Award and was a Daesang Award nominee for the 2nd straight year!  Boom, Teuk, Juri, Shindong, and the program itself won awards!

Okay last 2011 Recap~~!  It’s sorta long!  SBS Entertainment Awards.  A fan compiled 2 videos of ALL Seunggi moments from this awards show (video montages, name mentions, speeches, presenting awards, just laughing and enjoying)!  It’s awesome.  He looked stunning too!  I’ve translated or summarized both parts.  Thank you to tiam062 for compiling the video cuts! YT has since deleted the videos :(

Part 1 [LSG cut]

Part 2 [LSG cut]

(Videos: tiam062)

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SBS Strong Heart PD Park’s minihompy

(credit: as labeled)

There’s been a lot of growing interest in Strong Heart PD Park Sang Hyuk, from the media and fans, especially with the show enjoying strong ratings despite having only premiered in Oct 2009.  And per previous post, LSG fans were super happy when PD Park wrote on his minihompy that his sense of pride for Seunggi was like that of a mother’s heart for her son.  But the LSG fans were especially psyched when PD Park signed up for the Lee Seung Gi fan club last week! ha ha ha.  
Fangirl (actually fanboy) PD Park.   

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SBS Strong Heart’s Producer registers for LSG fanclub

(photo credit: MyDaily)

Strong Heart PD, Park Sang Hyuk, left this message on his mini-homepage prior to Tuesday night’s broadcast. It’s so sweet and you can tell how thankful he is for all the people involved and perhaps even still a bit surprised about the show’s success. The funniest part to me though was him saying that he finally registered for SeungGi’s fan club! :)

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