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2011 Forbes Korea Power Celebrity Top 40 list

For the 3rd straight year, Seunggi (aka THE KING’s Prince Lee Jaeha!) ranked in the top 10!  (as did SNSD, Kim Yuna, and Park Jisung too).  LSG was #4 in 2010, and #7 in 2009.  He was one of few singers and actors (non-idolgroup, non-athlete) toward the top.  Congrats!!!  Counting down the final days till~~  The King 2Hearts ♥♥

* (Oops on the typo- #23 should be PARK MIN YOUNG)

Read more at – Allkpop: Forbes Korea ranks the ‘Top 40 Celebrities’ of Korea

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2010 Forbes Korea Power Celebrity Top 40 and Top 10 Lists

The annual Forbes Korea Power Celebrity Top 40 list is out.  Seunggi moved up from his 2009 #7 ranking to #4 in 2010. He was also ranked #1 in two of the Top 10 Celebrity Rankings by Field/Sector, (#1 Actor Searched Online and #1 CF Star).  Congrats to Seunggi!!  See which K-celebrities made the cut.  See full lists…


LSG fan Lee Chung Yong scores Korea’s one goal

(cr: Samsung Zipel cafe)

Korea lost to Argentina 4-1 in Thursday’s world cup soccer game. boo hoo hoo.  But the world cup advertising and promotions are neverending… a good thing for LSG fans!  And another plus, despite Korea’s loss… the one goal scored by the Korean team came from soccer player (and LSG fan) Lee Chung Yong…


For Yuna, Park Ji Sung and for SeungGi, Lee Chung Yong (BTS cf filming, pt3)

Part 3 of 3 of the “Princess and Prince Meet” MKnews article series.
(English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com)

Part 3: For Yuna it’s ‘Park Ji Sung’ and for SeungGi it’s ‘Lee Chung Yong’

Actually, the meeting of the two was sort of dramatic.  Even a KB Bank representative remarked, “Just Kim Yuna and Lee SeungGi meeting was like a dream.  I’m very happy to see this day come.”  Even though the two persons’ names have appeared in the news together a lot, this was the first time they were meeting in person.

Lee SeungGi and his Samsung CF BFFs

New Samsung newspaper print ad for the electronics/appliances division.  Being the biggest company in Korea, Samsung has some super smart people running their marketing division that really match up celebs and products perfectly!

Per earlier post, Korean stars cheer for World Cup team via CFs, seems LSG, KYA, and Park Ji Sung also are connected through Kolon Industry.  And even as an LSG fan, I have to admit, LSG himself is probably amazed at being paired with some of Korea’s top stars!  :) Check out each of their Samsung pages:

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