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Little girl’s 1n2d picture book for SeungGi oppa

These are video clips of cutie pie Hosana, uploaded by her mom (crysaliscocoon from the LSG soompi thread)  They went to meet SeungGi at the recent Osaka, Japan fan meeting! And Hosana made a special 1n2d picture book to give to SeungGi oppa!

Part 1 of Hosana’s 1n2d book
(read English/Japanese/Korean translation below the video clip)

Thx crysaliscocoon for letting me post your clips! Hosana is just tooooo cute!

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Osaka fan meeting, KBSWorld, fancam & pix (4/11/10)

On April 11, 2010, Seunggi was in Osaka, Japan for his third Japan fan meeting this year.  Per earlier post, the event sold out in a few hours on the first day of ticketing.  It was held at the the very modern NHK Hall.

Back in February, he had a Tokyo fan meet and then did Brilliant Legacy promotions with HyoJoo in March.  And Seunggi’s still getting a lot of love in Japan!

Video links…

(All Videos: kengarmy; uao@soompi)

LSG enters to kick off the fan meet

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Osaka, Japan Fan Mtg to be held 4.11.10

Unfortunately, no more tix.  They sold out in a few hours on the first day.  But check out the Fan Meeting Website and you’ll get a personal LSG greeting in Japanese. Hit google translate to read website in your language (definitely download the google translate application if you don’t have it… it’s great!)