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Unforgettable Olympics Torch Relay with Lee Seung Gi…

Not seeing (and missing) Seunggi can mess with our sense of time!  Wah~~~~ love these fan photos from the Olympic Torch Relay.  Seems like it’s been forever, but it was less than a month ago!  So glad we fans (on the grounds in Manchester AND around the world!) got to share this unforgettable, amazing special moment together with Seunggi!  Thanks to Samsung for choosing him!  They couldn’t have picked a better role-model 20s star to represent the determination, sincerity, affection, and multi-talents embodied within the nation of S. Korea and the spirit of the Olympics!

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Torchbearer Lee Seung Gi fancams set to his own songs

Omg, can’t get enough of all the awesome fancam, official, and news cuts~~!!!

Samsung Mobile UK cut
First… Woot Woot to Samsung for showing SO much love for our LSG!  UK rocks!


LSG: Today’s a really great day.  This is my first time in the UK, and it feels really great to be here for something so meaningful like the Olympics.

Fancam (Lee Seung Gi – Smile Boy)
Perfect cheering, uplifting song!  And SO epitomizes everything about our LSG!

(video: YING-YU CHEN)

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Euro 2012 soccer and travels with Lee Seung Gi in Poland

I feel like I’m scrapbooking LSG’s stop-over trip in Poland!  Getting paid to travel and write for Lonely Planet would be a dream job… so, thank you Seunggi, for helping me hone my writing through LSGfan!  So, after being surprised by fans at Warsaw airport, looks like LSG packed in lotsa stuff during his short stay.  Love all the fan photos shared online!  Hope Manager Friend took lotsa photos too and plans to share!

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Fans greet Lee Seung Gi from Korea to Poland [2012.06.20]

My undying love for fancams!  Especially set to music or videos with lotsa screaming from excited fans!  And the international Airens in Poland who greeted Seunggi at the Warsaw Airport are seriously awesome!  He seemed  so touched! Aw~~!!

FANCAM – Arrival at Warsaw Airport. Set to Wonder Girls’ Like this!  Omg, loves it!

(video: KlaudynaXD)

FANCAM – More of sweet Seunggi and awesome fans!  International Airens rock!

(video: EiriKaori)

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Lee Seung Gi summer suit airport fashion, Korea [2012.06.20]

Back-tracking a few days…  before Seunggi’s Olympic Torch Relay in Manchester.  June 20, 2012.  Seoul, Incheon Airport.  En route to England for the Olympic Torch Relay via Warsaw, Poland to watch the Euro 2012 Czech v Portugal soccer match.

THE LOOK:  Light colored jacket-pants suit ensemble with simple, stylish pocket white t-shirt and dark brown formal shoes.  Chic snake or crocodile skin bone-colored messenger bag and a super nice black-faced gold watch.  And looking VERY manly…

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