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Lee Seunggi and celebs vote for S. Korea’s next president

December 19, 2012.  18th Presidential Election voting day in South Korea.  The NEC Honorary Ambassador showing up to cast his ballot.  Oh Seunggi, if only I could be your Cody for just ONE week… to select, assemble, piece together your looks…  and to have just 5 mins with your hair~~~!!!  huhuhu.   But love the scarf!  And of course, the dazzling smile as always!

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Ambassador Lee Seunggi promotes, votes in South Korea’s 18th Presidential Election… and voter turnout already high!

from the National Election Commission kick-off with Ambassador Lee Seunggi

LSG: As much as I am an ambassador model, I hope there will be a historical number of votes… So that the National Election Commission can hear that they did a good job in choosing a model! I will show a lot of interest and be active, so I hope you will show a lot of support. Thank you

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Seunggi’s Presidential Election reminder up at Seoul City Hall

December 19 – 18th Presidential Election and Seoul City elections. Voting time 6am-6pm. Your votes will shape South Korea’s future.
(National Election Commission, Campaign for Clean, Fair Elections)

This is so freaking daebak~~!!! I can’t wait to see photos of Seunggi voting on Dec. 19!

Please~~~ let the 18th Presidential Election turn out well!!  (and be clean & fair!!!)  Everyone needs to come out and vote~~~ and be part of shaping S. Korea’s future!!!

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Ambassador Lee Seunggi is everywhere, promoting the Vote

Is Lee Seunggi running for president of S. Korea?!?!  The King 2 Hearts’ Lee Jaeha prepared him well! Public service promotional blitz for National Election Commission – Campaign for Clean, Fair Presidential Elections.   I heard banners, posters, print ads of honorary ambassador Seunggi are EVERYWHERE in Korea!  Too bad he’s not in TV commercials with the others since he’s participating at no-cost in the campaign endorsement.  Love seeing Seunggi promote the importance of presidential voting!

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Seunggi talks voting and hopes for the next Korean president

* Updated with NECPR video *

Awesome Making Video with a brief, thoughtful Q & A with Honorary Ambassador Seunggi on his wishes for the next president and why it’s important to vote.

(video: necpr)

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