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[ENG] Lee Seung Gi’s First Kiss – KBS Entertainment News

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Which actress do you want to see next to SeungGi at the Baeksang Awards?

Few more days to go in the Baeksang voting but it looks like seunggi’s going to win unless the TVXQ fans decide to seriously mobilize at the last minute; he’s currently at 51%.  Make sure to check in on the real-time results at the Baeksang link at top left. Anyway, noticed that the majority of the top 12 vote-getting females for the same award have some sort of direct or indirect relationship to LSG:

(photo credits: Baeksang Awards)


1. yoona – has the honor of holding the title of LSG’s ideal type girl :)

2. yoon eun hye – cf partner for Zipel kimchi fridge; their CF got tons of love.

3. han hyo joo – Hwan-Sung couple. enough said. look so comfortable together.

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