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Lee Seung Gi to Moderate CJ Creative Forum Panel of PDs

The second CJ Creative Forum.  Jan. 21, 2014, 2pm.  Yonsei University.  Not sure to what degree Seunggi will be moderating… but he has a current or former relationship with all the 4 panelists, so it should be fun and a great reunion, nonetheless.

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Na PD Reveals Lee Seung Gi & Kim Hee Ae Rain Scene in Noonas Over Flowers was “Unscripted and Amazing”

Wow, so the amazing Ep 6 rain encounter scene (updated with screencaps/gifs) with Seunggi and HeeAe was NOT scripted.  It was the result of a course of events that day.  HeeAe had been sick and was feeling a bit sad, Seunggi checking in on her since early that day, torrential downpours, and genuine care and closeness between the two.  Which Na PD and Writer Lee later edited and put in subtitles and music, to make for the amazing drama scene.  I had thought the scene seemed too natural and lovely to have been totally scripted.  Na PD’s thoughts about the scene are awesome.

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[ENG] Noonas Over Flowers Ep 7 Cut: The Sound, Diligent Mindset of Lee Seung Gi

English translation and screencaps/gifs and full Ep 7 video…

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Noonas Over Flowers’ Na PD Talks Lee Seung Gi and ‘special ability to pull in a person’s heart’

Na PD is complimenting Seunggi?!  Omg, what’s gotten into the often evil, usually cranky Na PD?!  Unfortunately, his ultimate wish for Seunggi to suffer (Na PD’s wish for all the men he works with!) and breakdown during Noonas Over Flowers didn’t pan out.  As Na PD himself admitted, “Lee Seunggi, this friend, possesses a special ability of pulling in a person’s  heart.”  Ha.  Na PD is still the ultimate fanboy!

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KBS World to upload original 1 Night 2 Days on Youtube! Hodong, Seunggi, Jiwon, Mong, Sugeun, Kim C~♥

* Update: KBS World uploaded videos posted at 1N2D: ENG-subbed Episodes

O.M.G.  Everyone LIKE the best-news-post-ever over at KBS World facebook.  (And can someone please inform the Admin to spell Seunggi’s name correctly?! They’ve been ENG-subbing his name for only 5 years!)  Our fave 6 guys again~ Hodong, Seunggi, Jiwon, Mong, Sugeun, Kim C~♥  And Sanggeun-ee!  And all the PDs and Crew!  And all the gorgeous lovely places in Korea!  Although KBS World versions leave some parts out or have weird English translation… but can’t complain at all!  Whoa~~ Santa is gifting early this year!  Seriously, it’s about time…

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[ENG] Noonas Over Flowers Ep 3 cut – Seunggi’s notes

English translation of the cut…

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Producer Na Young Seok talks true reality programs, and relationship with Lee Seung Gi [Razor TV Singapore]

December 6, 2013.  Na PD (38) was in Singapore for the ASIA Television Forum, and he did an interview with Razor TV.  The video clip is subbed in English, but some parts or nuances of what Na PD said weren’t included, so here’s the English translation.  It’s really mind-boggling to think how much younger Seunggi is than all the people he works with!  I think everyone forgets since he’s such such a professional about things and people always entrust him with a lot of responsibility.

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