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More Lee Seunggi and flowers for Baek Jiyoung [2013.02.16]

Seriously, ONLY because it’s the awesome Baek Jiyoung~~~!!  And awww, Seunggi’s congratulatory flower messages always so witty, sweet, thoughtful ♥ ♥ ♥  huhu~~~ the lucky girl who will one day  get regular love letters from Prince Seunggi~~!!!!

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[2009] Lee Seunggi and Baek JiYoung – My Ear’s Candy

Wahhh~~~ Beastly baby boy Seunggi from 2009, for My Ear’s Candy…………
Better hair in 2009!!!  But def. WAY better body in 2013 My Ear’s Candy~~!!!!!

(video: coffee166)

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[2013] Lee Seunggi and Baek JiYoung – My Ear’s Candy

* UPDATED video *

[Feb 16] Whoa~~ Seunggi!  Nice~~~  Clad in (tight!) all-black… and gold chains?!
And enjoying it!!!   Since it’s the awesome Baek Jiyoung… that’s totally okay~~!!!

(video: Dim ple)

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Baek Jiyoung talks Seunggi’s dancing, abs on Strong Heart and tweets about the congratulatory flowers he sent her

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed video ***

(video: Rapport2010 ~ only LSG part subbed)

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Seunggi’s Will You Marry Me performances: Park ShinHye

*** UPDATED with new YT clips ***

I’ve been noticing more and more that you rarely see Seunggi without a bouquet of flowers in his ads, especially after his song Will You Marry Me became the proposal anthem in korea!  I wonder how he feels about being pictured with flowers in almost all his CF shoots! ha ha ha.  Check out Seunggi’s live performances with flowers~ textbook way to get a girl to say yes!

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