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Happy Mothers Day and Parents Day, Seunggi style

Happy Mothers Day and in Korea, Happy Parents Day!  And Seunggi topped both surveys: Most likely be good parents (with Moon Geun Young), and Most likely to be good to their parents (with Jang Yoon Jung); LSG-MGY topped this survey last year.

So, some of Seunggi’s uhm-chin-ah secrets and tips…

1) Give props to our hard-working and supportive parents

SooGeun reads fan question: “What did your parents do? How can one raise their child to be like Seunggi?” SooG says all parents want their kids to be like nation’s son Seunggi. LSG says honestly he had his issues too, that his tv shows might be only showing the good image side. Says his parents are similar to other parents. His dad worked hard and his mom took care of things at home. What really helped him – He feels he just got a lot of support from his parents and that whenever he wanted to try new things they encouraged him to do so.  Awwwww.

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