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Which celebs would be really good to their parents?

My ongoing love-hate with these online polls and surveys that Korea just can’t seem to get enough of is still alive and well, which is why I haven’t posted news about these things even though Seunggi typically tops a lot of the surveys. 

Also, I’m not too hot about all this unnecessary LSG overexposure coming from some online survey results, and also find it sooooo annoying that the surveys are totally unscientific (which I’ve written about before) and yet taken as fact.

HOWEVER, had to post the results of this survey because with all the recent Gumiho rumors and news, it got me excited about the possibility of seeing Seung Gi acting alongside Moon Geun Young some day soon…

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Extra ticket for Baeksang Awards

(credit: DClsg)

Per DClsg, a fan is looking for someone who wants to go the Baeksang Awards with her?  Something came up with her friend at the last minute and she’s unable to go, so she has an extra ticket.  Would love to get my hands on that ticket! :) 

Anyway, Baeksang Awards will take place in about 9 hours.  Per the previous post, looks like LSG and Hodong had a long Strong Heart filming session, and then LSG has CF filming today before the Awards show.  So hopefully, he’s not too exhausted. 

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LSG’s Love FM Radio visit from last month (photo diary)

Fans miss Lee Seung Gi the singer, seeing him sing live regularly on the music shows, which he seems to typically do in perfect pitch.  So, Taipei concert cancellation was not good news!!

Anyway, so I guess it was a big deal when LSG was on DJ Jung’s Love FM radio last month.  but he didn’t sing live at all!  not sure what that was about!

LSG said he was on DJ Jung’s radio show when he was a newer singer and she was always really good to him.  And that it’s been like 3 yrs since they last saw each other.  so obvious that DJ Jung really really adores Seunggi!!  Check out Part 1 of the video clips here, and the rest of the parts on same channel.

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