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2011 Asia Song Festival: Lee Seunggi, U-Kiss tweets photo with Sunbaenim, and SNSD Yoona shows respect

*** My bad!  LSGfan is just like Seunggi = Me is Heodang! ***
Original title [2011 Asia Song Festival: Seunggi, U-Kiss tweets, and Yoona] changed!

[October 15, 2011]  Asia Song Festival.  Thought Seunggi would debut his new single ‘Time for Love’.  I guess a high-profile event broadcast all over Asia is not the best place to try out your song publicly for your first time!  I was kind of hoping for a surprise guest showing by Kim Yuna for ‘Smile Boy.’  She and Seunggi need to sing their song together just once live!

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Strong Heart, TV Ratings & Recap (Oct 5, 2010): 1-year Anniversary Special, Teuk Academy, Miss A, Cha Ye Ryun

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