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Lee Seunggi talks ‘Gu Family Book’ martial arts, wins two for 5.5 Album ‘Return’ [Seoul Music Awards]

22nd Seoul Music Awards [Seunggi cut]

@2:45~ Aw, LSG gives SHinee Minho a hug!

@2:50~ MCTak: I see our Lee Seunggi over there.
Suzy: Woot Woot! (Aww)
MCTak: Turn around, and raise your hand! (Suzy reaction jjang!)
MCTak: Lee Seunggi, show us a wave…
(OMG did he just do that on national tv?! So clever and he looks totally embarrassed! Cute! MC Tak’s LOL reaction says it all!)
MCTak: He’s really impressive (Awwww)

@3:40~ Presenter: In the audience, I’ll tell you all what you want to hear… Shinee! Super Junior! Lee Seunggi-sshi! And Big Bang! I love you all.

@4:10~ Congrats from Seunggi to Sistar~ hehe

@4:19~ Interview
@6:40~ Popularity Award
@7:50~ Bonsang Award
@9:20~ ‘Return’ live stage

English: LSGfan, video: seunggiairen (Full English below~~~)

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Strong Heart, TV Ratings & Recap (Aug 31, 2010): Shinee’s Minho to be the next Seunggi next to Hodong?

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