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Hodong reenacts Seunggi’s Chung Jung Won CF [SH cuts]

So, to pick up people’s mood about the recent Strong Heart episode ratings, check out this hilarious clip of Hodong teasing Seunggi about one of his recent CFs and Mighty Mouth’s SangChoo (notorious for his dedication to working out) assessing Seunggi’s abs photo.  Loose English translation below the clip…

(cr: tryp96)

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Happy Together Lunar New Year special, 2/9/10 [photos]

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This was one of the highest rated Happy Together episodes:
TNS Media = 22.0%
AGB Nielsen = 20.7%

February 9, 2010 Lunar New Year Special.  Guests included:
Lee Seung Gi, Kim Jong Kook, GaIn and Narasha, Mighty Mouth’s Shorry J.

See Happy Together photoblog Post #55 for more photos of the other guests.  It was a hilarious ep!  and Kim Jong Kook was so funny too and so were Gain and Narasha from the Brown Eyed Girls.

Happy Together Photodiary- LSG parts
(English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com)
Sharing because it’s just incredible how much everyone always loves Seunggi.

Who is that bright shining young man next to strong Kim Jong Kook?

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