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[Music Charts] Lee Seung Gi – Losing My Mind

*** Sept 16, Rankings after 43 days since release  ***

A month and a half since its release, Seunggi’s song is still in the top 50 on all portal sites except one. And it is only one of a few songs still ranked along with newer songs that were released afterwards.

*** Aug 24, Week 3 rankings ***

21 days after its release, Seunggi’s My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST track,
Losing My Mind, is still ranked among the top 15 songs on all 8 Korean music portal sites; and among the top 10 on 6 out of 8 sites!  Congrats SeungGi!

Lee Seung Gi – Losing My Mind, official MV (ENG)

(cr: tryp96 tumblr; Eng Subs: Dianapetrina; Encoding: bedifferent )

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Losing My Mind~ Gumiho MV and full OST song

This is a really good translation (minus a few grammatical errors)…

Lee Seung Gi ~ Losing My Mind (Eng Subs)

(cr: jstasimplesub2)


SeungGi’s Gumiho OST single jacket cover

(cr: DClsg)

Really? This is SeungGi’s comeback drama, one of the most highly anticipated dramas thus far this year, and he sings on the OST! And this is the cover that Captain Hook and company put out?!  They make SeungGi work his ass off with a jam packed schedule, and put him on double duty prepping for drama and doing the OST and this is what they churn out?!  Um, can someone please remind her that she is marketing one of the hottest and beloved 23-year old actor-singers in the year 2010?

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