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Seunggi sings ‘Losing my Mind’ for Jakarta, Indonesia fans

Finally~~!!!  Been dying for him to perform his My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST song!  um, since Hook never includes the popular song in his performance line-ups (ugh).  Indonesia fans~~~ you are SO freaking jjang!  The awesome energy and crazy fangirling during the mini-concert is incomparable… even leaving Korean fans in awe in their comments!  Can’t wait to see more goodies~~!!!  ♫ ♪ Oh baby…

(video: isshundemo)

Wahhh~~~ one of my fave parts.  the ending where Seunggi spins while singing!  Aw, so much love and screaming.  Great set up of the stage so the fans in the front are really close to him and he can take in the fan love and energy!  @0:23~ Wahhh.

(video: L Bella)

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Torchbearer Lee Seung Gi fancams set to his own songs

Omg, can’t get enough of all the awesome fancam, official, and news cuts~~!!!

Samsung Mobile UK cut
First… Woot Woot to Samsung for showing SO much love for our LSG!  UK rocks!


LSG: Today’s a really great day.  This is my first time in the UK, and it feels really great to be here for something so meaningful like the Olympics.

Fancam (Lee Seung Gi – Smile Boy)
Perfect cheering, uplifting song!  And SO epitomizes everything about our LSG!

(video: YING-YU CHEN)

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Seunggi thanks Hook, parents, fans for 2 Melon Awards

*** UPDATED with English-subbed videos ***

Per previous post on 2010 Melon Awards nominees, Seunggi was up for 2 awards: Top 10 Award and OST Award…  and he won both!  Congrats Seunggi!!! Showing everyone that your 2009 triple threat singing-acting-variety accolades and popularity were alive and well, and even more potent this year!  You really are Korea’s prince!  Check out Seunggi’s acceptance speeches, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST stage~

Lee Seung Gi wins twice at the 2010 Melon Music Awards

(video credit: ENGrapport/rapport2010) You rock as usual!

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Seunggi talks about his Melon Award nominations [video]

Seunggi’s brief Melon interview.  He responds to his 2010 Melon Music Awards Best Artist and OST Song Award nominations.  See what he had to say…

(video credit: rapport2011/rapport2010)

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My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST songs [ENG]

*** Big thanks/hugs to Tryp and Bee! ***

Losing My Mind (정신이 나갔었나봐 ), Lee Seung Gi

(video: jstasimplesub2)

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