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Love taught me to drink on Children’s Day (5/5) [videos]

1st event on Seunggi’s 3-event packed Children’s Day.  Paju city council event called “Fly Birds Fly” on May 5th at 1pm.  He was the marquee performer but there were other guests/performers too.  Read that it was very crowded.  Based on the video montage, looks like they were showing LSG’s music video for “I’ll give you everything.”  Love that video and remake song but for Children’s Day?  Hmmmm…

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GS25 Concert, photos and fancams (3/29)

(cr: As labeled; DClsg)

Seunggi performed at the GS25 Concert on March 29th.  He closed the show.
Other performers included Brown Eyed Girls and Shinee.

Song list:
Will you marry me
Love taught me to drink
Like the first time (female dancer lipsynched Davichi Kang Min Kyung’s part)
Because you’re my woman
Let’s go on vacation (for encore)

Seunggi’s cody chose to suit him up again, and added in what looks to be a shiny beaded shirt underneath… I can’t take it anymore, cody! But she actually put him in an appropriately fitted suit, so thank you cody for not doing your usual two big for LSG suits this time! Anyway, fortunately, it was a concert and LSG sounds great live!

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LSG may sing “Like the First Time” at GS25 Concert, Fan Account

Looks like Seunggi may be singing “For the First Time” from his Repackage album at the GS25 Concert on March 29th!  I loved that song when it was released as a single during the holidays!  This will be the first time he has ever sang the song live.  Not sure if the girl from Davichi will be there to do the duet with him.  If not, some female singer will have to do the duet with him live, no?  It’s not a big female vocal part but it seems like a key part of the song.  Anyway, news about LSG singing this song comes from a fan account from the March 25th filming of Strong Heart…

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