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Limited edition Lee Seung Gi Perioe toothpaste – GS Shop collaboration looks like this

I think we would all brush our teeth A LOT more throughout the day if we had this dazzling smile and face on our toothpaste tubes looking at us.

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Lee Seunggi endorsements bring together LG Healthy Living & WeMakePrice

This is majorly meta~  “LG Healthy Living & WeMakePrice, Together with Lee Seunggi, 365 days of healthy teeth!  Perioe . The total oral care representative brand that takes care of the Nation’s people’s healthy teeth!”  WeMap has a  LG Healthy Living event up mainly for Perioe products, but it’s also advertising some of the other LG Healthy Living products, endorsed by some familiar females…

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More LG Perioe Lee Seunggi for GS Shop’s ‘#1 is Buying’

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Perioe Lee Seunggi collaboration limited edition toothpastes for GS Shop ‘#1 is Buying’ event

* Updated video

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Perioe re-releases Lee Seunggi & kids CF from 3 years ago

(video: a8832987)

On September 25, 2013, Korea’s Advertising Information Center posted Seunggi’s 2010 Perioe CF under recently released CFs.  Meaning, Perioe is re-releasing this CF?  If so, wow.  One of my fave Seunggi and cute kids CF!!  It’s a really effective messaged commercial.  Here’s the ENG-subbed CF~~~~ from 3 years ago……..

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