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Gu Family Book: Seunggi pleads with Yoo Yeonsuk and Lee Yubi not to take his bracelet

Seunggi is seriously breaking my heart with these kinds of scenes…

KC: Taeseo-ya.
TS: I’ve come to take your life, Kangchi-ya.

(Kangchi remembers back to conversation with Teacher)
Teacher: What if they don’t want you anymore? What are you going to do? Just as you are different compared to before, what if they changed? What if they no longer thought of you as family? What are you going to do then?
KC: That won’t happen. Taeseo and Chungjo would never betray me.
Teacher: Humans are not as you think them to be. They can be far worse.

KC: Taeseo… How can this be?
TS: Chungjo is my only remaining precious family member. (meaning Kangchi doesn’t count?! huhu) In order to protect her, I have no choice.
KC: What are you saying?
TS: Forgive me… Kangchi-ya.

(Taeseo goes to remove Kangchi’s bracelet…)
KC: You can’t, Taeseo. Don’t do it! You mustn’t! Please!

English: LSGfan, Video: MBCdrama

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Seunggi shows gratitude for Gu Family Book, prepares Pizza Hut meal, enjoys with Yoo Yeonsuk, Lee Yubi, Gang leader

* Updated with Pizza Hut facebook message and photos. Aw~ “Seunggi-nim~~” *

Lee Seunggi’s 150 person big pizza present.
“Pizza in hanboks? Feels like a time-slip”

English: LSGfan via Newsen/Nate

Lee Seunggi prepared a big pizza meal present for 150 people from MBC Monday-Tuesday drama “Gu Family Book,” including the staff and fellow actors.

On May 11, on  the set of “Gu Family Book,” Lee Seunggi shared his appreciation for the staff and fellow actors who had been filming continually all-night and suffering from early-season heat, by preparing cheese box pizzas from Pizza Hut, which he has been active as the exclusive endorsement model.

In particular, since the actors had a busy filming schedule, they ate the pizzas in their drama costumes, showing a time-slip feel and a very different colored scene.

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Gu Family Book: Seunggi’s forehead kiss for Lee Yubi [Stills]

Kangchi and Chungjo scenes have been so heart-wrenching and touching.  They’ve already shared four tender kiss/hug moments?!?!  We need more of this for Kangchi and Yeowool!  Lee Yubi is playing Chungjo perfectly and I love the maturity and seriousness to Kangchi when he’s acting with her.  Even in less serious scenes in the earlier episodes, it didn’t feel silly.

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[ENG] Gu Family Book: Ep 8 preview

(video: Lee Seung Gi Korea – World Airen)

RECAP — Dramabeans: Gu Family Book, Ep 7

@0:04~ Can’t wait to see another Kangchi and evil Gwanoong showdown!
@0:09~ Gon needs character development… hope he doesn’t become unlikeable.
@0:13~ Kangchi saves Chungjo! but getting ready to see they’re not meant to be.
@0:20~ Kangchi so relieved to see Taeseo… but he’s been brainwashed!

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[ENG] Gu Family Book: Ep 7 preview

(video: Lee Seung Gi Korea – World Airen)

RECAP — Dramabeans: Gu Family Book, Ep 6

Chungjo tied to a tree?! Kangchi will definitely go and save her?!  If Kangchi loves Chungjo so much, how is he going to fall for Yeowool.  (who he thinks is a boy?!)  Sadly, the only way would be for Chungjo to totally reject him later on or for her to disappear altogether?  That’s too sad to think about.   Even if we’re going to get some redux of Kangchi’s parents, Chungjo-Kangchi are totally different since they grew up together for 20 years.  I really hope she doesn’t turn on him.  Also, I think Kangchi’s situation will be a bit different since, unlike his dad, he’s still half-human.

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