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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 17: Strategizing and the big reveal

Screencap recap – TK2H ep 17.  Jaeha meets Hangah in his dream, and later decides to abdicate his throne so Hangah and Queen Mom can be saved.  But Bongku shakes things up and allows Jaeha to video communicate with Hangah…

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International The King 2 Hearts ‘Hearties’ video message

(video: TK2Hinternational)

Watching this AGAIN made me all teary-eyed… seeing all the sincere fan messages set to the OST songs.  Kudos to fans Yon and Wanne for compiling this beautiful video, and to all the  amazing “Hearties” all over the internet and especially at TK2H Soompi with their ongoing awesome fangirl spazzing and deep discussion points!

We know The King 2 Hearts has such special meaning to Actor Lee, which means it’s super special to all Airens too… and this video captures that feeling beautifully~~!!!  Korean TK2H fans were so moved when the video was posted on K-sites, I can only imagine how touched Seunggi was~~!!! TK2H Fighting all the way, through the end!

The King 2 Hearts, Ep 6-3: Beautiful sweet epic (fridge) kiss!

Yes, I’m totally spamming Jaeha and TK2H posts!!!  Certified Lee Jaeha character, Jaeha-Hangah couple, and The King 2 Hearts ADDICT!  Is there a cure???!!!~~~~

Screencap recap – TK2H ep 6-3.  Instead of letting Jaeha call off the royal wedding at the press conference, Hangah says she will marry the prince.  Jaeha is stunned.  In response, he recites a poem!  Before, the public was divided about the North-Korean thing, now people are debating whether the wedding is on or off.  But one thing’s for sure, Jaeha can now admit to himself that he has feelings for Hangah!  Yay!  He gets his younger sister, Princess Jaeshin, to check up on Hangah and see if she’s doing okay.  Aw, he really cares about her….

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Twitter Trend #theking2hearts – March 21, 9pm-11pm KST

Received some info about this twitter trending project…  I’m not really into twitter, but since this is Seunggi’s hotly anticipated return to dramaland, and all the Airens are so awesome in spreading the love, I’ll try to do my part.  Hope everyone comes together and shows lots of love and support for~~ The King 2Hearts, Lee Seung Gi, Ha Ji Won, Lee Yoon Ji, Jo Jung Suk, PD Lee, production team.  Let’s get excited TK2Hfans!~~

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Section TV [ENG]: The King’s Lee Seung Gi, Ha Ji Won, cast talk ditzy girl-bad guy ideal types, peculiar neck kiss, NGs!

MBC Section TV. 2012.03.11. The King 2Hearts cast at the press conference [ENG]
Love how the cast gets along!  Lee Yoonji has such a cute and bright personality! And aw, Jiwon says she only has eyes for Seunggi right now!  Hehe.  OMG at the NGs and major LOL at Seunggi laying down behind Jiwon (by mistake!).  And more awesome goodies~ Jiwon’s forced laughter, dancing machine Jo Jungsuk, Seunggi likes ditzy girls, Jiwon-Yoonji think bad guys are appealing… and the buzzed about “temporal lobe” neck kiss scene between Jaeha and Hangah~~ this MBC vj is hilarious!

(video: beedance07)

Exciting peculiar kiss cut:

MC: We check out that exciting and peculiar kiss scene. The peculiar kiss posed to top 2012, a kiss below the ear…
[Hangah: Stop it!]
LSG: Totally surprised!

English: LSGfan, Video: leeseunggiworld

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