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Olympian Lee Yong Dae is Badminton’s Lee Seung Gi

I’ve been so obsessed with the Olympics!  Glad it’s ending, so we can all get back to our lives!  So proud of ALL our Korean athletes and our USA athletes for making your peoples and fans around the world proud!  Dae~ Han~ Min~ Guk~!!!  U~ S~ A~!!!  And congrats to Badminton’s Lee Seunggi(?) Lee Yongdae, for bringing home the Bronze!  This Seunggi-Yongdae story never gets old…  but Seunggi is, by far, #1 for me!!!

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Strong Heart, TV Ratings & Recap (Sept 28, 2010): 1-year anniversary, Seunggi not calling Minah noona and Cha Ye Ryun giggles uncontrollably


LSG at the Samsung Zipel unveiling event [March 2010]

There was an event today to unveil the newly designed fridge and it looks like both the designer and LSG were at the event.  When does Seunggi rest?

Is it just me or his hair like a few inches higher in vertical than usual?  And cody, why the beaded jacket?  Perhaps to match his supposed tap dancing for the new CF?  Also, he really really looks like badmitton player lee yong dae here.  I def felt the similarities when it first hit the news outlets a while back, but gosh, he really resembles him here.

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