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Seunggi, Suzy, Gu Family Book script reading + storyline

OMFG, can’t believe this is really happening soon!  Exciting! These official press release script reading photos are from Feb. 1, but I think they had one prior to this too?  Anyway… anticipation is building up and viewers are waiting~~~!!!!

Everyone~~~ Don’t forget to follow the official MBC Gu Family Book twitter!

Dramabeans: Script readings galore for spring’s upcoming dramas

Koalasplayground: Lee Seung Gi and Suzy Lead the Cast of Gu Family Book

Enewsworld: Lee Seung Gi & Suzy Attend First Script Reading

Soompi: Lee Seung Gi and Suzy Show Great Chemistry During First Script

Allkpop: Suzy, Lee Seung Gi, and more attend first script reading

I was looking forward to the relationship between Kang Chi and his father the most, after this Seunggi – Suzy fancam from the Seoul Music Awards, I can’t wait(!!!) to see Kang Chi and Yeo Wool together!  And I love that this is not traditional saguek since I’m not really into that genre!  Anticipating an engaging script and great production. I know Seunggi can bring out the best in Suzy, and vice versa for this drama project!

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[TVN Taxi cut] Model Hye Park’s ideal type is Lee Seung Gi

I love Hye Park!  We should tweet her – twitter.com/iam_hyepark – and tell her she has great taste in guys!  (She speaks English too!)  I love her not just because she really likes our Seunggi (that’s a plus too!) but she’s just so cool, carefree, and honest…

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Seunggi-Minjung for 2011 S/S Kolon Sport [Prints]

I figure since there are a lot of other outlets reporting Seunggi’s every move, it’s okay to keep posting a bunch of fashion/style related posts.  Also, it’s Seoul Fashion Week, so it seems appropriate.  Hope Seunggi will show up to at least one show, but only if Cody puts him in an acceptable photographable outfit!  Seunggi’s recent Kolon Sport looks make me so happy for spring!  And Minjung’s outfits (and other female celebs’ outdoors CF photos) totally make me want to stock my closet with some new items…

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