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Lee Seunggi and stars for Cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague [Woman Sense Magazine]

Another fan photo from the July 3, 2013, Cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague launching.  W Seoul – Walkerhill Hotel.  Also excerpt about Seunggi from Woman Sense Magazine and his thoughts on what the must-have hot item is~~~ puahahaha.

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Gu Family Book: Lee Yeon Hee gives birth to Kangchi [Stills]

There better be a darned good reason why Seohwa abandoned her son, Kangchi!  And the only acceptable reason~~  Someone killed her.  Or someone threatened to kill Kangchi if she didn’t do as commanded…. in which case, she may still be alive.  I seriously hope she didn’t kill herself while baby Kangchi was left to fend for himself… that would make me really hate Kangchi’s mom.  Why do I sense I’m gonna cry a river for Kangchi and the hardships he’ll have to endure… huhuhu.

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Gu Family Book: Rooftop Seunggi + “First Love” [Stills, Gifs]

 photo 201303-023990-8.jpg

Um, I think I’m gonna really despise this “first love” Park Chung Jo character….
Please let her not be too manipulative to our Kangchi!  Aw Kangchi, be strong~~!!

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Gu Family Book first teasers via Fan storyline + Gifs

puahahaha~~~!!!!  K-Airens always so HILarious, talented, jjang!!!  Just like LSG!  King of Kicks Kangchi~~~  can’t wait to see you kick some serious a$$ on Gu Family Book!

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Gu Family Book character map + first stills of Lee Seunggi’s parents, Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk

Love the recent addition of Jo Sung Ha! Can’t wait to see him and Seunggi together!  1N2D Supporting Actor Special introduced me to him.  He even skipped attending Cannes for his movie because of 1N2D!  Best move ever, since after that, he became a household name, as did all the other actors on that special!  Loved all those guys.

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