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Actors Lee Sungjae – Seunggi are totally different off-screen

Behind the scenes photos from the Gu Family Book filming set.  I’ve loved all the scenes between Lee Sungjae (Gwanwoong) and Seunggi (Kangchi). Seunggi’s scenes with veteran actors are always awesome! And thank God… Lee Sungjae in real-life is COMPLETELY different from terrible bastard Jo Gwanwoong!!

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Gu Family Book: Sweet Kangchi v. Angry Kangchi [Fanvid]

(video: haesong225)

So many things to love and root for in our hero, Kangchi~~~~~  What I love most is his loyalty and love for the sheer goodness that can be found in people, especially the members of the beloved Park Family – Lord Park, Chungjo, Taeso; his “father,” Lord Park’s right-hand man; the 100 Years Inn people; the hard-working townspeople; and of course, the faithful Dam Yeowool…

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Gu Family Book: Respected actors Jo SungHa, Lee SungJae, Jung HyeYoung + 1N2D Seunggi with sunbaes

 photo 2013032100_0.jpg

[VIDEO] 1N2D-Supporting Actor Special – Sleep Bokbulbok!
(Everyone’s fighting to stay in, talking about who they should throw out!)

JoSungAh: Let’s go with Seunggi… Seunggi…
(LSG’s like no way as all the hyungs gang up to push him out! puahaha!)
Hodong: That’s a warning Ahn GilKang!

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