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[ENG] 2014.12.28 SBS Special ‘Singer Lee Sunhee Comforts the Nation’ – Lee Seunggi & Teacher’s Photoshoot

English translation of brief Seunggi and Teacher cut~~~ #VerySweetAndAwkward

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[ENG] Dispatch: Lee Seunggi Performs and Donates at ‘2014 Salvation Army – Lee Sunhee Sharing Warmth Concert’

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[StarNews 10th Anniversary Intervew] Lee Seunggi 10th Year Since Debut – Main Points ①

September 8, 2014. StarNews is celebrating its 10th Anniversary and they interviewed Seunggi, also celebrating his 10th anniversary year since debuting in 2004.  Hope Navercast does an English-translated version of the 3-set interview since they’ve done it before.  As expected, Seunggi is sincere, humorous, reflective in the interview.  Kudos to StarNews for focusing on ‘Actor-Singer Lee Seunggi’ and his career from 2004 up until now… and well, his CFs and all his #1 public survey rankings over the years ㅋㅋㅋ #Respect

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[ENG] Healing Camp – Lee Sun Hee feat. Lee Seung Gi ①

(videos: lovelyclover)

April 7, 2014 SBS Healing Camp – Lee Sun Hee feat. Lee Seung Gi.  Yay, ENG subbed video from the amazing lovelyclover!  Wow, the entire first episode!
Thanks lc~~ Seunggi is seriously the best~~ why we all love and admire him!

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Healing Camp Filming Photos – Lee Sun Hee feat. Lee Seung Gi and Baek Ji Young

Filming BTS photos for <Healing Music Camp Together with Lee Sun Hee> Part 2.  Can’t wait for the second ep today!  (Also for fans who’ve been waiting for ENG-sub video, lovelyclover is working on subbing entire Part 1 episode~)

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