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Kolon Sport ‘Lee Seunggi parka’ prize on TVN’s ‘3 Idiots’

(video: BBQMobile)

December 16, 2012.  TVN 3 Idiots.  New non-edited cable variety show with Sugeun, Jiwon, Jongmin and Jun Hyunmoo, from Lee Myung Han PD, formerly with 1N2D.  Special ‘guest appearance’ @2:50~4:00~ Chance to win daebak gift… the Lee Seunggi parka!  Another Kolon Sport ‘Lee Seunggi’ item?!

LOL! at the hyungs mimicing Seunggi’s print ad pose – TVN 3 Idiots Ep 11 intro cut.

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Seunggi cooks, shows off killer arms [2012 Zipel Asak show]

*swoon* Seunggi in black short-sleeve, fitted t-shirt (and killer arms!) from the 2012 Samsung Asak Show… Not much needs to be said… Happy Holidays photospam~!!

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Seunggi reunites with Lee Sugeun [2012 Zipel Asak show]

Can’t get enough of Seunggi’s huge smile and laughs.  Aw, Sugeun… he simply just wants to be loved.  Great to see Seunggi reunited with his hyung (who by the way was looking extremely sharp in his suit!).  Their 1N2D days will forever be… Legendary!!  Cool of Sugeun to MC this Seunggi fan event… they were like dual-MCing~~!!

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1N2D singing and ping-pong with Seunggi, Mong, members

The legendary days of 1N2D never get old~~!!!  The cuts still make me LOL and can brighten up a totally sucky day!  The days of Hodong, Seunggi, Mong, Jiwon, Kim C, Sugeun, and staff… when 1N2D was mainly about bringing hilarious laughs and heartwarming tears, and less about minting individual career stepping stones…

1N2D Baekdusan Special – I love you oh thank you

(video:  87leeseunggi)

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The King 2 Hearts’ Yoon Jae Moon: ‘I’m a fan of Lee Seung Gi’

Crazy villain Bongku is SO freakishly creepy on TK2H, I forget that ACTOR Yoon Jae Moon (42) is doing a helluva job making me hate him!  Chosun Woman’s Magazine recently did a write-up, praising the hard-working virtues of king-like Lee Seung Gi.  You know, all the good stuff we’ve gotten used to reading about him.  At the end, there were quotes (which we’ve already seen in the press) complimenting him from…

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Ha Ji Won talks kiss NG and attentive Lee Seung Gi [Win Win]

*** UPDATED with full episode video ***

Prior to Jiwon’s recent Happy Together appearance, she guested on KBS Win Win, which aired on April 3.  In addition to The King 2 Hearts, she’s been promoting her film “Korea.”  Win Win’s Seunggi obsession is nothing new, but I was surprised some of the LSG-related talk made the cut since KBS and MBC were both airing new dramas.  So what funny Seunggi questions did Sugeun ask?  What Jiwon said…

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2011 KBS Entertainment Awards recap: 1N2D and Seunggi

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