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Celebs at Dolce & Gabbana’s first store opening in Korea: Seunggi, Siwon, DBSK, Lee Minjung, Kim Sarang, Kim Sunah

November 8.  Adorable Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana celebrated the opening of their first exclusive store in Seoul.  The gorgeously styled event included a fashion show and cocktail party.  Stars attending the event included Lee Seung Gi, Ha Jung Woo, Joo Jin Moo, Lee Min Jung, Kim Sun Ah, Kim Sa Rang, Park Shi Yeon, Super Junior’s Choi Si Won, DBSK’s Yunho and Changmin.

Aw, Seunggi looks SO CUTE and CHILL with Stefano and Domenico!  But he was probably totally stressing out inside!  LOL.  His CF female partners looked gorgeous and incredibly stylish!  Kim Sunah has been looking so amazing!  It’s rumored she and Seunggi filmed a CF together recently, but may be just rumor (previously, they did the Max beer CFs).  And omg, Lee Minjung always looks SO perfect!  They are both so beautiful inside and out!  And together with Seunggi, what’s not to love!~~

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Seunggi and Minjung transported from urban city life to New Zealand’s snowy slopes [2011 F/W Kolon Sport CF + Making]

*** Updated with (awesome!) 15 sec. CF version cut for TV ***

OMG.  Love it!  So mysterious, then refreshing!  Makes me want to hit the slopes now!  Was totally anticipating this CF after Seunggi-Minjung’s recent interview!  Shouldn’t Seunggi at least hold Minjung’s hand?!  He did make the move first!~  transporting them from urban city life to the snowy mountains of New Zealand!  This is even way better than the awesome 2010 F/W CF from last year. OMG, the way he looks at her!…

(videos: leeseunggi01/Kolon Sport)

But I usually love the Making Films way more than the CFs!  Some interesting music choices- ‘Tik Tok’ by Kesha ft. P Diddy.  ‘Mercy’ by Duffy.  And ‘Something to Believe’ by David Choi.  Seunggi and David Choi need to just meet up!  Previously, he tweeted about his song ‘By Your Side’ showing up in the Samsung Zipel CF with Seunggi.

LOL, I’m imagining whether Seunggi “woke up in the morning, feeling like P Diddy!”~~

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Seunggi and Lee Minjung: Entertainment Relay interview and chic stylish Fall 2011 Kolon Sport CF ads [ENG]

*** Updated with ENGLISH-subbed video ***

(Video: KBSworld)

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Seunggi-Minjung Kolon Sport CF news on Strong Heart

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed video ***

Kolon Sport recently blitzed the news with the 2011 F/W Collection fashion show and now they get free publicity via Strong Heart!  Hodong tries to drag Seunggi into the Lee Jihoon loves Lee Minjung story, but Seunggi knows better now.  Strong Heart cut (7.12.2011)~ 30-year old singer Lee JiHoon had just gushed about what a big fan he is of Lee Minjung’s. Like a serious, I’m in love with her fan! And Hodong of course was now making him send a video message to Minjung, but he first wants to know how Seunggi feels about Minjung…

(video: Rapport2010)

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Lee Seunggi at Kolon Sport 2011 Fall/Winter fashion show

*** UPDATED: Red carpet arrival and fashion show video clips ***

July 6, 2011.  Fashion Show.  Kolon Sport 2011 Fall/Winter Collection.  Endorsement model Seunggi and others showed up and sat front row and center, while his CF model partner Lee Minjung (looking fabulous as usual!) walked the runway.  Stylish outdoor brand Kolon Sport showcased 3 types of outdoor lifestyles: Extreme, Trekking, and Travel…

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