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Noonas Over Flowers Ep 7 – Seunggi Jumps [Video, Gifs]

(video: TEST2010ify)

Seunggi with HeeAe and MiYeon noonas~♥ doing the required MUST jump photo~!

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[ENG] Noonas Over Flowers Ep 7 Cut: The Sound, Diligent Mindset of Lee Seung Gi

English translation and screencaps/gifs and full Ep 7 video…

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[ENG] Noonas Over Flowers – Teaser #4

MY: If I wanted to travel, there were always people to organize that…
[Miyeon, who’s never traveled on her own strength…]
NaPD: If you study this a bit, you’ll realize…

MY: We should find a place to stay close to the airport? Do we unpack and move or do we go directly?
[Asking more questions…]
NaPD: Should we take a break?  Have some water?

MY: Will the 5 of us have to always move together?
LeePD: Don’t worry… she has so many questions! (Aw missed her!)
[The Question King]

MY: I’ve never tried anything…
Crew: Do you think you can make lodging plans in Istanbul by yourself?
MY: Yes. Ok. Sure.

MY: I’m going to try… and I’m thinking, let’s have a fun time…

[A very special beginning for the Noonas]
[Noonas over Flowers]

[November 29, Friday 10pm, first broadcast]

English: LSGfan, Video: AirenVideo (Tryp, you’re SO amazing!!)

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Lee Seung Gi departs for ‘Noonas over Flowers’ filming

(video:  sh Reine)

October 31. Incheon Airport, departing for ‘Noonas over Flowers’ filming. Love him!!!

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