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2.1.2016 YTN – Q & A Interview With Enlisting Lee Seunggi

Thanks to all the fans for posting pics of our Seunggi~


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Kim Yuna & Lee Seung Gi are 2013’s Top Preferred CF Models [Korean Broadcast Advertising Corporation]

December 30, 2013.ย  According to the results of the nation-wide survey conducted by the Media Consumer Research (MCR), the Korean Broadcast Advertising Corporation (KOBACO) revealed that Kim Yuna ranked #1 as the 2013 top preferred CF model at 7.0%, and Lee Seunggi ranked at #2 at 6.3%.ย  Kim Yuna has continuously ranked at the #1 spot for the 2009, 2010, and 2011 years, while Lee Seunggi has continuously ranked in the top 3 for the 2010, 2011, and 2012 years.ย  Last year, Psy ranked at #1, followed by #2 Seunggi, and #3 Kim Yuna.ย ย  The full 2013 list includes:

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[ENG] Grandpas over Flowers – Lee SoonJae’s fave juniors: Lee Seunggi, Ha Jiwon, Lee Byunghun, Kim Myungmin

(video: seunggiairen)

Aw, Grandpa Soonjae so affectionate toward Seunggi and the others!ย  A-mazing~ coming from respected and beloved Soonjae, who can’t stand irreverent, arrogant “youngsters.”ย  Grandpas Over Flowers is like SO meta~~~ Na PD, original fresh 1N2D-ish format, Midae Hyung Seojin, The King 2 Hearts Lee Soonjae~~~ it’s like Seunggi’s worlds coming together!ย  Maybe he’ll cameo in the future, now that Gu Family Book has wrapped.ย  He tends to like hanging out with celeb Halbaes and ajusshis rather than making friends with celeb peers!ย  hehe.ย  English screencaps…

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Lee Seunggi and celebs vote for S. Korea’s next president

December 19, 2012.ย  18th Presidential Election voting day in South Korea.ย  The NEC Honorary Ambassador showing up to cast his ballot.ย  Oh Seunggi, if only I could be your Cody for just ONE week… to select, assemble, piece together your looks…ย  and to have just 5 mins with your hair~~~!!!ย  huhuhu.ย ย  But love the scarf!ย  And of course, the dazzling smile as always!

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Precious Seunggi+Baby photo #3~ maybe more to come?

OMG, the recently released photo of Seunggi+Baby making the rounds in the Korean press is just too much!ย  I can’t take it!ย  I loved the earlier BTS photos of Seunggi kissing and playing with the baby, but seeing their expressions looking straight at us makes “my heart just melt into a puddle of goo” (to quote K4Ice4Thu fan comment).ย  But, for some reason, I feel like the official Seunggi+Baby photo is still to come… [EDIT – Ok, I’m sure it’s the official final photo now.ย  Plus, there are few other celebs in past years that wore black shirts too!]…

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