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Is 2010 SBS Drama Awards hinting at potential winners?

2010 SBS Drama Awards preview screencap.  Is SBS trying to tell us something?!


D.LUX Society fashion show and party

Loving SeungGi’s hair from the D.LUX Society with Y.K. Jung fashion show.  Reminds me of his Brilliant Legacy nest-hair days, which I loved!  As for dual necklace combo… um, dear cody, please don’t try to dress up our seunggi like a typical kpop idol!  And as for the rest of the outfit, check out some of the press photos…

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Lee Seung Gi continues to get much love in Japan

(Credit : 노을지는바다 @leeseungki cafe; leeseunggiworld.wordpress.com)
In photo from left to right:  Song Seung Hyun, Lee Seung Gi, Ji Sung, and Gong Yoo.

LSG was featured in Korean Entertainment Journal, Japan (april issue).  Kwon Sang Woo graces the front cover but there’s a great lengthy feature on Seunggi w/ photos from recent Japan BL drama fan mtg, and his fan mtg last month, and other photos from 1n2d and concerts. 

완소남 = Completely Precious Guy. gosh, LSG is so much younger that these other guys, but when compared to his idol singer peers, he seems so much older/mature! anyway, super duper compliment for LSG to be included w/ these actors!

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