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Push-up LSG or Ballerino LSG, 1n2d 5/9 cuts

Video clip: Push-Up SeungGi or Ballerino SeungGi?
Punishment for losing Bokbulbok game, LSG prepares to be drenched in cold water. The other guys are impressed by LSG’s readiness and willingess to take the plunge!


On the Road to Vacation with SeungGi and 1n2d

Yay, 1n2d was finally back on tv again!  We missed you guys!  These Korean Route episodes were filmed back in mid March… it seems like so long ago when all those 1n2d Behind-the-Scenes fan photos came out!

Here’s a fanmade video with Seunggi pix from the 1n2d Korean Route episode 1 a few weeks back, perfectly set to LSG’s song “On the Road to Vacation” (live version).  Wish I could travel with these guys!

(cr: leeseunggi01)

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Everyone misses 1n2d!!!!

Seriously, it seems like it’s been forever since we’ve seen 1n2d!  Everyone misses these guys and netizens have been totally upset about all the cancellations!  I only discovered 1n2d while catching up on everything LSG after seeing him for the first time through kdrama Brilliant Legacy, and now I can’t imagine not getting to see this show every week! 

Sure, for LSG fans, Seunggi is the highlight of the show, but it’s the mix of all the guys together that makes it hilarious and so touching.  Love these guys and love the amazing production staff!  And based on screen captures of the upcoming episode, looks to be another hilarious episode…

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BTS photos from 1n2d Korea Route trip

UPDATED — This Sunday’s 1n2d broadcast is cancelled due to naval ship tragedy.

(cr: LSG Official Airen cafe; DClsg)

Beautiful shot from the recent 1n2d filming of the 3 night 4 days Korea Route, set to air starting this Sunday over the next few episodes. 

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1n2d BTS photos and fan accounts (3.20.10)

man, 1n2d stalker-dom was in full force this past weekend!  Can’t tell the staff members apart from the fans!  That looks like Seunggi’s manager behind him, in the blue hat?  A while back, I think he somehow became manager-slash-bodyguard! :)

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