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Seunggi’s Style Book – Kolon Sport 2012 S/S interactive site

A very cool Kolon Sport 2012 S/S Season Collection interactive site with goodies from the recent photo shoot, downloads, BTS video, at kolonsport.com/collection/index.jsp.  Just click on the orange bar to enter the site and access multimedia features…

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Lee Seung Gi in Kolon Sport for The King 2 Hearts

TK2H running scene was too short!  Especially since Seunggi’s an avid runner!  Already posted before, but squealing fancams never get old!  The Shanghai shoot…

More BTS photos of Actor Lee in Kolon Sport on the way too cold(!) set of TK2H…

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Seunggi & Minjung trampoline for 2012 S/S Kolon Sport

Love these Making Videos~~  Seunggi jumping on a trampoline, doing sprints!  So much fun!  Explains those cool mid-air 2012 S/S print ads. LSG probably jumps a lot higher now as THE KING’s slimmed-down, military-training Prince Jaeha!  Hehe.

I would SO buy the Kolon Sport stuff Minjung wears! (and buy Seunggi stuffs for the guys in my life too)!  Love their brand concept of eco-friendlness, nature-loving, active lifestyle.  All while looking stylish and cute… in platform sandals with cute socks! Yes!

With Seunggi’s (and Minjung’s) busy schedule, guess they’ll be photoshopped later…

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Kolon Sport transitions from 2011 F/W to 2012 S/S print ads: fashionable Seunggi – Minjung on the move

Kolon Sport is out with new 2012 Spring/Summer prints ads, and again with the concept of seamless transition between nature and city life.  Love it!  The first print uses a wave motif signaling nature as the backdrop with Seunggi and Minjung in trekking fashion jumping through, practically flying…

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Seunggi and Minjung transported from urban city life to New Zealand’s snowy slopes [2011 F/W Kolon Sport CF + Making]

*** Updated with (awesome!) 15 sec. CF version cut for TV ***

OMG.  Love it!  So mysterious, then refreshing!  Makes me want to hit the slopes now!  Was totally anticipating this CF after Seunggi-Minjung’s recent interview!  Shouldn’t Seunggi at least hold Minjung’s hand?!  He did make the move first!~  transporting them from urban city life to the snowy mountains of New Zealand!  This is even way better than the awesome 2010 F/W CF from last year. OMG, the way he looks at her!…

(videos: leeseunggi01/Kolon Sport)

But I usually love the Making Films way more than the CFs!  Some interesting music choices- ‘Tik Tok’ by Kesha ft. P Diddy.  ‘Mercy’ by Duffy.  And ‘Something to Believe’ by David Choi.  Seunggi and David Choi need to just meet up!  Previously, he tweeted about his song ‘By Your Side’ showing up in the Samsung Zipel CF with Seunggi.

LOL, I’m imagining whether Seunggi “woke up in the morning, feeling like P Diddy!”~~

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