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Kolon Sport summer couple look from SeungGi – MinJung

Love all the stylish outdoorsy and regular-wear stuff from Kolon Sport, but let’s avoid the zany mis-matched part-solid, part-striped patterned jacket stuff, and stick with the less is more conceps, like the awesome subtle, less-is-more looks and the layered jacket and hoodie looks…

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Stylish Kolon Sport jackets for The King 2 Hearts WOC team

The WOC team competition outfits were actually real Kolon Sport jackets?  I thought those were real (fashionable!) military, combat wear.  The brand logo was covered on one side with the Korea team patch.  This is my type of unobtrusive, non-distracting PPL (product placement)!  But I get the PPL-advertising conundrum… even as a fan, I didn’t know it was a Kolon Sport jacket until I checked out their blog later on…

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Glamorous camping The King Seunggi style for Kolon Sport

This is how a king does camping!!  Kolon Sport is currently a sponsor for MBC ‘The King 2 Hearts’ and here’s the luxurious camping scene with Kolon Sport model Lee Seung Gi.  Look for Kolon Sport within The King!!  Fans, look for us~  twitter@kolonsport (English: LSGfan)

Seunggi’s The King 2 Hearts ‘glamping’ BTS Making Film.  I want to go glamping~~!!

(video: kolonsport)

Wahhhh~~~ I want to go ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping!) with Seunggi.  Although I wasn’t into the blatant PPL during Jaeha-Hangah’s sweet scene, romantic outdoor dinners in the backyard or deck on spring, summer evenings are always the best!!!  BTS video and TK2H scene totally make you want to go out and splurge on luxurious glamping gear!  Seunggi is seriously convincingly selling us on this!!~~  (And the ‘tent scene’ we never got is making TK2H fans’ imagination run wild… puahahaha~~!!)

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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 13: Outdoor dinner kiss [Stills + Gifs]

Shouldn’t Jaeha’s “teamwork building” reason for this romantic dinner, before they leave for the WOC, involve something more than the 1-second kiss aired on tv?!  Agh, so disappointing!  And why the ornately set up tent if they’re not going to use it?  Or is this like the “first night” thing where we had to “assume” what happened?!  I know Jaeha-Hangah’s deep love doesn’t always have to be expressed through typical passionate means(!), but I’m feeling cheated as a viewer!  Come on PD and Writer, we only have 6 eps left.  Please give us many wonderfully passionate latter memories of our lovely couple in love!!!  Thankfully…  YAY for photo stills and image gifs!~~~

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Kolon Sport’s photo trekking TAKE ‘Lee Seung Gi’ backpack

This is pretty cool since I love photography.  The 21st Seoul International Photo and Imaging Industry Show took place April 26-29.  Mainly for camera brands and related accessory companies to showcase what’s new and hot.  And outdoor brand Kolon Sport was also there to promote their new collection of TAKE bags, in particular, the photo-trekking TAKE ‘Lee Seung Gi’ hybrid multi-backpack…

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