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Kolon Sport F/W never ever disappoints [2012 CF + Making]

Kolon Sport fall/winter CFs are never ever a letdown!  They continue to do such great marketing, concept branding…  refreshing music, gorgeous backdrop, Seunggi’s smile @0:24~~~!!!  Super excited for winter!  Can’t wait to hit the slopes this season!

CF Making: Kolon Sport F/W 2012 Collection.  All the laughing @0:24 @0:35 @0:45 – like it!  Hope they can still work together (even after Minjung eventually weds LBH!)

What Seunggi and Minjung had to say about the F/W clothes…

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Kolon Sport debuts at famed Harrods + Seunggi’s UK trip

Too bad Seunggi didn’t hit up London during his trip to Manchester over the summer for the Olympics Torch Relay!  Was totally surprised he wore that jacket with ‘F**k this life’ sewn in!  (guess he didn’t think he’d get spotted!)  Hahaha.  Maybe it was a subtle uhm-chin-ah rebellion message! LOL. If so, that would be totally awesome!

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More Kolon Sport print ads of Lee Seung Gi like this, please…

Please give us more of the above type of Seunggi~!!!  The smile~~ *melts*

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Seunggi leaves for New Zealand for Kolon Sport [2012.08.15]

I guess I was anticipating more recent Hong Kong airport fashion stuff… Huhuhu…

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Sneak peek: Lee Seung Gi’s new F/W 2012 Kolon Sport look!

Oooohhhh~~  Whoa.  No way.  Seunggi with a super cool hairstyle…  that actually fits him and looks great on him??!!   And that allows him to give off a 20-something vibe?!  Wow, what’s gotten into Hook, Hairstylist, Cody?!  LSG looks great in chic formal black skinny tie-jacket paired underneath fashionable gold puffy jacket with fur-trim hood!  Can’t wait to see the upcoming F/W Kolon Sport CF~~~

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