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Movie ‘GoongHap’ Completes Filming, Lee Seunggi & Shim Eunkyung Are A Match Made in Heaven?

‘Goong Hap’ starring Lee Seunggi and Shim Eunkyung has gathered a lot of buzz as the second movie in the divination series following ‘Face Reader’ (2013).  Scheduled to release in 2016, there’s been a lot of interest and buzz with the movie ‘Goong Hap’ having completed its 4 months of filming on December 23rd.

‘Goong Hap’ began filming on 9/9 (September 9) at 9:09am.  Regarding this, a Jupiter Films representative said, “In the spirit of starting on a good foot, we chose a day that was well-matched with the fortunes and destiny of Lee Seunggi and Shim Eunkyung, and a time with the most occurrences of the auspicious number 9 during the time period that matched well with the day (7:30am ~ 9:30am).”

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