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Korean stars for Cartier Love Collection [December 2012]

Christmas in 10 days~~!!!  Can auntie in Korea please surprise me with a red box?!  Maybe she’ll be moved by holiday spirit(!) and contribute by purchasing a gift??!!!

[Press Release] December 1~31, 11am-7:30pm.  Cartier.  Cheognamdong, Seoul.  2012 Love Collection exhibit.  In its 6th year, profits from sale of the Love Bracelet will support the International Vaccine Institute to help stop the spreading of diseases among children living in poverty around the world.  Korean stars taking part in this year’s campaign include: Kim Taehee, Kim Namjoo, So Jisup, Lee Seunggi, Ji Jinhee, Han Chaeyoung, Jessica, Choi Siwon, Park Taehwan, Suzy.  The campaign aimed to capture and photograph the naturalness of these stars.

Cartier Winter Tale (not Seunggi-related, but Cartier-related!  Sooooooo cute!)

(video: Cartier)

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Extra ticket for Baeksang Awards

(credit: DClsg)

Per DClsg, a fan is looking for someone who wants to go the Baeksang Awards with her?  Something came up with her friend at the last minute and she’s unable to go, so she has an extra ticket.  Would love to get my hands on that ticket! :) 

Anyway, Baeksang Awards will take place in about 9 hours.  Per the previous post, looks like LSG and Hodong had a long Strong Heart filming session, and then LSG has CF filming today before the Awards show.  So hopefully, he’s not too exhausted. 

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