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TVN 3 Idiots – 1N2D hyungs spazz over Seunggi-Suzy kiss


July 28, 2013 [TVN] 3 Idiots
Top Kiss Guy Capturing the Hearts of Women (Text Vote)

Gong Yoo (34%)
Lee Jinwook (10%)
Park Yoochun (14%)
Seo Inguk (12%)
Lee Seunggi (30%) ~ video cut @1:22

Omg, Jongmin going CRA-zy~~~
“Whoa~ Seunggi-ya~~! You’ve really become a man!”

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Kolon Sport ‘Lee Seunggi parka’ prize on TVN’s ‘3 Idiots’

(video: BBQMobile)

December 16, 2012.  TVN 3 Idiots.  New non-edited cable variety show with Sugeun, Jiwon, Jongmin and Jun Hyunmoo, from Lee Myung Han PD, formerly with 1N2D.  Special ‘guest appearance’ @2:50~4:00~ Chance to win daebak gift… the Lee Seunggi parka!  Another Kolon Sport ‘Lee Seunggi’ item?!

LOL! at the hyungs mimicing Seunggi’s print ad pose – TVN 3 Idiots Ep 11 intro cut.

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Missing this 1N2D era with hyungs Hodong, Kim C, Mong…

*** UPDATE*** 

Let’s remember the Love… Let’s measure in Love… Seasons of Love…
Just like how Seunggi always sincerely and gratefully does, right~~??!!
ALL 1N2D members + fans~ FIGHTING!!

(video: blackred44)

1N2D’s Jiwon, Jongmin, Seunggi~ fashionable travel looks

On last week’s 1 Night 2 Days waterfall special, the members displayed comfortable but fashionable travel looks that were distinctive and well-matched to their images. A smart casual look for Eun Jiwon, a color-matched summer look for Kim Jongmin, and a dandy (high-brow stylish) travel look for Lee Seunggi.  Which style do you go for?~~

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