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[Sketchbook 2012.11.30] Lee Seunggi and Yoo Hee Yeol

Full Seunggi video cut at Tryp96: 12.11.30 YHY’s Sketchbook Cut – Lee Seung Gi

[November 30, 2012] KBS Sketchbook.  Seunggi with Yoo  Hee Yeol.  Seunggi opened with Return and performed special acoustic arrangements later on, but my fave part – his talk time with Yoo Hee Yeol!  YHY and Seunggi so cute together on stage… 

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[Sketchbook 2011.11.25 ENG] Seunggi sings, talks 5th album

(Video: Beedance07) Thanks to the A-MAZING Bee! 
Watch FULL episode at Toudou link

[Nov 25, 2011] The BEST and HOTTEST album promotional performance/interview thus far!  (Aside from daebak promo of 5th album with Dolce & Gabbana!  Hehe!)  I KNEW Yoo Hee Yeol would GLEE if Seunggi ever did Sketchbook!  He really enjoyed teasing Sung Shi Kyung about it!  YHY = Yoon Do Hyun LSG fan-sunbae!  Loved that this was mostly about the music, yet still very funny!  (Thx Sketchbook for editing out the headline-grabbing, non-relevant parts of the interview!)  He sounded A-MAZING~!

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Verandah Project ‘Mountain Climbing’ [ENG]: 1N2D Seunggi

1N2D cut, Seunggi thanks hyungs + Song [ENG]

Verandah Project’s Mountain Climbing, Fanmade [ENG]

(Videos: Beedance07)

1N2D cuts: August 7, 2011 Waterfall Special broadcast.
Artist: Verandah Project (Kim Dong Ryul, Lee Sang Soon).
Song: Mountain Climbing 산행(山行).  Ablum: Day Off (2010).
Management: Music Farm

I hope Hodong has good people around him to advise him because having good friends, family, and mentors means everything.  Part of me is pissed off at Hodong on various fronts but the other bigger part of me feels super badly for him and is rooting for Nation’s MC to show some resilience from hereon…

As for Seunggi, I hope he gets to pursue the dreams and goals he wants most~!

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Seunggi thanks 1N2D hyungs and radio requests Verandah Project song + Hodong’s touching message [UPDATED]

*** UPDATED with more radio board messages***

(Video: icaruspge; English lyrics at bottom of this post)

Verandah Project.  “Mountain Climbing.”  I’m totally into this song, requested by Seunggi and dedicated to Hodong during the July 15th 1N2D filming radio message mission.  So this is what went down per KBS radio DJ Yoo Young Suk…

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