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KBS World to upload original 1 Night 2 Days on Youtube! Hodong, Seunggi, Jiwon, Mong, Sugeun, Kim C~♥

* Update: KBS World uploaded videos posted at 1N2D: ENG-subbed Episodes

O.M.G.  Everyone LIKE the best-news-post-ever over at KBS World facebook.  (And can someone please inform the Admin to spell Seunggi’s name correctly?! They’ve been ENG-subbing his name for only 5 years!)  Our fave 6 guys again~ Hodong, Seunggi, Jiwon, Mong, Sugeun, Kim C~♥  And Sanggeun-ee!  And all the PDs and Crew!  And all the gorgeous lovely places in Korea!  Although KBS World versions leave some parts out or have weird English translation… but can’t complain at all!  Whoa~~ Santa is gifting early this year!  Seriously, it’s about time…

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Lee Seung Gi seen buying Brompton at LeVelo in Apgujeong!

* UPDATE* Seunggi may have already bought his Brompton during his Olympics Torch Relay trip to Manchester, England.  A fan posted this on dcTK2H with more pics…

Since we were talking about it, I searched online and it’s true that the King has that bike but it’s not a new one that he bought.  Supposedly, he went there for something else and just looked around.  And he’s supposed to stop by again to get his bike serviced. (English: LSGfan via dcTK2H fan post)

If so, makes sense… buy foldable bike in original England vs. overpriced import in Korea?!  Hope he stocked up on lots of Burberry too!  Way better prices and style selection!  I still want to go biking with him!!!  The ‘heart’ in his autograph is too cute…

In the words of US Weekly~~ STARS – They’re just like us! OMG, I love that Seunggi bought a Brompton bike! Awesome! He’s really taking advantage of his first ever long vacation break time since his career debut, isn’t he??!!! Is he planning a bike trip??!! And if so, where? New Zealand??!! Wah~ I really really want to tag along! Seunggi, take me too, I love biking trips! So, according to this recent Korean blog excerpt…

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1N2D singing and ping-pong with Seunggi, Mong, members

The legendary days of 1N2D never get old~~!!!  The cuts still make me LOL and can brighten up a totally sucky day!  The days of Hodong, Seunggi, Mong, Jiwon, Kim C, Sugeun, and staff… when 1N2D was mainly about bringing hilarious laughs and heartwarming tears, and less about minting individual career stepping stones…

1N2D Baekdusan Special – I love you oh thank you

(video:  87leeseunggi)

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KBS’ first official 1N2D goodbye to Seunggi, Jiwon, Na PD via preview; tells us not to be sad since Season 2 is coming…

WTF?  Really?!  This is supposed to make me less sad?  I’m still in disbelief over KBS using the 1N2D brand and attaching Season 2 instead of going for a new name, but really… KBS thinks devoted fans of 5 years broadcast of 1N2D… we never got to properly say goodbye to Hodong or Mong, and then got treated to the debacle that was the 2011 KBS Entertainment Awards, and since have been subject to relentless leaks to the press trying to slight certain 1N2D members… that this type of lame way of expressing its first official statement on the show ending and the new show is going to make me “anticipate” the new show?!  Yeah, right.  Ok.  Whatever…

Preview: 1N2D episode, Feb. 5, 2012

It’s that time, 1 Night 2 Days season 1 is coming to an end. It’s sad.
With Kim C, MC Mong, and Kang Hodong having left, now even Na Young Suk PD… It’s really sad.
But don’t be sad because Season 2 will be starting. Don’t you feel like some refreshing aspect will captivate us? I’m already anticipating…
Anticipating 1N2D Season 2, KBS2 Sunday program, check it out…

Together with familiar and friendly face, Professor Yoo, we search for Korean treasures in the city.  1 Night 2 Days, Seoul History part 1.

Lee Seunggi, Eun Jiwon~ Goodbye.

English: LSGfan, Video: Tryp96

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Missing this 1N2D era with hyungs Hodong, Kim C, Mong…

*** UPDATE*** 

Let’s remember the Love… Let’s measure in Love… Seasons of Love…
Just like how Seunggi always sincerely and gratefully does, right~~??!!
ALL 1N2D members + fans~ FIGHTING!!

(video: blackred44)

MC Mong-Seunggi on friendship, popularity, and gift-giving, late night-texting, mother-like Kim C [Love Letter, June 2008]

This is it. Post 4, the last one, in LSGfan’s the Singer Seunggi interview series on Yoon Do Hyun’s Love Letter over the years.  Seunggi and MC Mong together = Love!  They talk about friendship, popularity, and Kim C’s special affection for the guys (making Kim C’s close friend, Yoon Do Hyun, a little jealous!).  Hope Mong finds peace regarding his military exemption case, and a good resolution along the way…

MC Mong-Seungg talk 1N2D, friendship, and Kim C [June 13, 2008]


(Video: Beedance07)

Thanks again to Beedance, as these English translations were idly sitting around!

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Seunggi on Yoon Do Hyun’s Love Letter [2006 Feb & Sept]

*** UPDATED with second 2006 appearance cuts on Love Letter ***

More wrapping up of some previously started video English translations. This is the first of a series of posts on Singer Seunggi’s interviews (English-subbed) and performances on the much loved KBS music program, Yoon Do Hyun’s Love Letter. Unfortunately the show aired its last episode in November 2008 after seven years.

For those who knew Seunggi as an actor first, these interviews are SO interesting! He is definitely STILL very much the same sincere, deep person now in 2011 as he was six years ago when he debuted as a singer. Totally uncanny, in a very good way! And woah, major style change in between 7 months! Definitely, also in a very good way!

Talk [February 10, 2006] – ENG

Talk – Remake Album (female singers) [September 15, 2006] – ENG

(video: Beedance07, LSGfan)
Thanks to Beedance for encoding subs and tkfkd111 for sharing the videos!!

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