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Kim Ah Joong shows interest in “Beastly SeungGi,” SH cuts

*** UPDATED with 4 English-subbed video cuts ***

*** See screencaps/gifs from this awesome ep at ~ Jeannie’s blog post ***

LSG cuts from Dec 28, 2010 Strong Heart episode
(English translation: LSGfan; videos: Rapport2010; Tryp96)

VIDEO~ Kim Ah Joong sees a sexy, deviant side to upstanding Seunggi
Omg, Seunggi was so shy and embarrassed when Ahjoong said she could see a sexy sort of deviant guy charm side to him!  Per usual, Seunggi reacted with great variety sense and played the part!  And he continues to be super humble about his body. Ha. I think he was totally taken aback when Ahjoong asked about his body! And, just LOVE how Seunggi is styled from his hair down to his shoes! Cody, thank you!