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Seunggi & Little Girl Medifoam CF Filming Photos #TooCute

Medifoam blog and all the sweet photos…. SO Awwwww~~~~
More behind the scenes photos and outtakes please.

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Seunggi & Cute Little Girl For Medifoam CF Making Video

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Lee Seunggi Brings Healing to Hurts in New Medifoam CF

[2014.06.01] Korea Mundipharma Medifoam CF, 15s
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

Seunggi: Camping in the weather these day is really great, isn’t it? But if you were to get hurt, it’s really upsetting, isn’t it? Are you okay~?  We can’t let hurts ruin this great mood.

V: With double-layered absorption and protection layer, wounds heal faster.

Seunggi: For wounds, Medifoam from the start~

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‘Attentive Man’ Lee Seunggi Selected as Medifoam CF Model, Timed with Korea Mundipharma’s New Global Launch

May 30, 2014.  Official announcement that Lee Seunggi (27) has been selected as the new endorsement model for Korea’s #1 market share top quality absorption adhesive dressing brand Medifoam, and timed with Korea Mundipharma’s plans for global launch following its recent strategic partnership with Genewel.  The previous CF model was actor Ryoo Seung Yong (43).  Congrats to Mr. trusted go-to guy Seunggi!!

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Lee Seung Gi with Cute Little Girl for Hanwoo CF BTS photos + Making Film

Now that Lunar New Year is over and our PR Ambassador’s activities will wrap up…. Can’t remember why I didn’t post this back in the summer.  I was probably revolting against Seunggi’s ajusshi style (or something like that, again!)  lol.  But can’t help to Awww at Seunggi and the little girl from the Hanwoo CF.  Her mom’s blog entry about the CF shoot is cute~~ Mommy, is Seunggi oppa really a gumiho? ㅋㅋ

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[Blog] Lee Seung Gi at CJ Foodworld Cooking Studio~ Why?

Aw~ I like this blogpost from someone, who by chance, saw Seunggi at the event~ These kids in their chef hats, jackets, and aprons are too cute.  And Seunggi is just… what else is there left to say~~~

Lee Seung Gi at CJ Foodworld Baeksul Cooking Studio… Why?? | My story
January 30, 2014
English: LSGfan via blog.daum.net/dmsql9815/81

CJ Foodworld……
I stopped by there to meet a friend, as there are many food eats there.
(Although it wasn’t today.ㅋㅋㅋ)

CJ Foodworld was particularly bustling and lively today
Especially in the Baeksul Cooking Studio area??ㅋㅋㅋ

I was wondering why, and then I saw a handsome heartwarming guy wearing an apron…  Was it possibly Lee Seunggi….
I was so happy, I had to take a photo

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[ENG] Lee Seung Gi’s Kind Donation ‘Making Ricecake Soup with Kids’

Seunggi~ why are you so awesome?!?!  Hope there’s more!  English translation…

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