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1 Night 2 Days (1N2D): TV Ratings, 2010.02.28 ~ 2012.02.26

(video: ngminh89 / 1n2dfansubs)

Wow, 2008 KBS Entertainment Awards… the simpler days of 1N2D brotherhood…

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2011 KBS Entertainment Awards recap: 1N2D and Seunggi

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1N2D Team wins Daesang + presenters Seunggi & SNSD Yuri at 2011 KBS Entertainment Awards

(Video: Tryp96, English: LSGfan)

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2011 KBS Entertainment Awards: Daesang nominees + 1N2D

Like usual, KBS will open up awards season (among the 3 broadcast channels) with the 2011 KBS Entertainment Awards on December 24 at 9:05 pm.  It will be MC’d again by Shin Dong Yup, announcer Lee Jee Ae, and Yoona.  And like usual (as with almost all Korean awards shows!), people will make issue with the winners, just like they do with the nominees announced in advance!  And people, including show fans, will rant and make a stink emotionally versus rationally, as many have already done.  So whether Seunggi wins or not, I think it’s safe to say that 1N2D will get recognized…

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Actor-Singer-MC Seunggi’s 2010 Awards wrap-up

There’s a reason Uhm-chin-ah, Nation’s brother, Multi-entertainer, Actor, MC, Singer Seunggi is one of Korea’s most beloved!  Ok, anyone not impressed by Seunggi’s 2010 awards needs a serious head check!  And because of his hardworking, sincere, humble attitude, Seunggi having practically no antis is legendary in K-entertainment!  And we’re talking some major award events, and some major awards that actually award talent!  Of course, in addition to the fan fave popularity ones…